2012 was just two days ago

I find it ironic that my first ever post in this blog is about last year. It may seem like an exaggeration, but I kind of feel as if 2012 is lightyears ago, when in fact, it’s just the 2nd of January.

In observance of that unwritten tradition of looking back and putting together fancy collages of moments from the year that was, here are some of the highlights that made my 2012 an awesome one:

1. Trip to Hanoi, Vietnam in April

Hanoi, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh

I wanted to discover more about life through travelling. I guess you only get to see whether this place or that place is nice, smelly, chaotic, etc., once you really set foot on it and experience a couple of days inhaling whatever scent lingers in the air. To be honest, I didn’t really find Vietnam alluring in a Maldives-kind of way, but it seems like a mysterious country in itself. So for four days, together with my brother Louie, his girlfriend Kat, my cousin Regine and aunt Mommy Tess, I tried to uncover what makes Vietnam resemble the Philippines in so many ways. We visited Halong Bay and toured around Hanoi, taking in the sights and sounds and trying to figure out what lichechu and pah-pohn meant. Apparently, four days were not enough, but we had a good time eating Sambokojin style by the sidewalk. More on my Vietnam travel – including the ice cream namedΒ Contiti – in a separate post.

2. The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

As a Speech Communication graduate, I have nurtured a love for performance and theater arts. Maggie, my friend from work, luckily has this same feelings for theater and was willing to watch a play with me. After having lunch at their place, off we went one fine day in September to witness for ourselves the much talked about play, The Phantom of the Opera. I was so excited to watch, I even bought a dress just for the occasion. πŸ™‚ We chose seats on the balcony and shelled out a good amount of money,Β only to regretΒ the decision afterwards. We should’ve gone for the seats in front! That’s how great Christine, Raoul, and of course, Erik the Phantom were. Everyone was on their feet, cheering wildly and (I think) having goosebumps, during the curtain call. I hope there’s another play to be staged in 2013. We’ll be ready for it!

3. Wall climbing

Wall climbing, ROX

Cindy, a friend of mine from a company I previously worked for, has an affinity for new places, food, fashion, and adventures. Good thing she always invites me to try out things, and thisΒ included her wanting to scale a 40-ft wall in R.O.X in Bonifacio High Street. Despite the aching arms and limbs, I managed to tap the bar on the end of the wall, which means that I have indeed reached the top! It was a fulfilling activity, partly because I have never thought I can do it. I have vertigo and obviously, short limbs and legs, but hey, I did it. We’ll definitely go back and get ourselves another dose of that natural high.

4. Trip to Cebu and Bohol

Cebu, Bohol, Tarsier, Zubuchon

I was going through something that day (my selective amnesia is kicking in right now so don’t bother asking what it was about) when a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to tag along their Cebu-Bohol trip in November. Without really checking my schedule, I asked for his flight details and voila! In five minutes, I had a weekend in November blocked for a trip with friends. The getaway proved to be another spur of the moment decision that I will always be thankful for. There were ten of us in the group, three of which I met for the first time during our travel. But after three days of searching for the best lechon in Cebu andΒ snorkeling and dolphin watching in Bohol, we formed a clique we call “Pepeng Pilay and Company.” It was a really short vacay, but I would love to do it every year, and it has to be with this same group of crazy people.

Reminiscing on these highlights of the past year puts a big smile on my face. Why? Because I realize how important it is to be spontaneous, to be adventurous, to try new things that you have completely ruled out of your bucket list, and to find people who can make the simplest of moments unforgettable. Hey 2012, thank you for being good to me. I am so looking forward to 2013 – what with all the things I have to tick off from my bucket list, I know this year will be another one for the books.


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