Be creative, be ready for 2013: Design Your Life 2013 Photo Planner

I’ve been using a Belle De Jour planner for three years. I absolutely adore the colorful pages, the layout, and of course, the free coupons that you can use in a lot of girly shops. Perfect for all kikays on the go out there.

Belle de Jour 2009, Belle de Jour 2010, planner
My Belle de Jour Planners 2009 and 2010

I planned my 2011 using a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Journal. It looks very simple, but there’s more space to write on. This planner witnessed my first year in my new job of being an HR Specialist and chronicled my special birthday trip to Singapore.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal 2011, journal
Splatters of ink and “coffee” – one week of entries in September.

However, I wanted to try something new this year. So I searched for the Top 10 2013 planners on the web and saw the Design Your Life 2013 Photo Planner.

I instantly fell in love with the idea of owning one! Yes, I am a camera whore. I love having my pictures taken and I love taking snapshots of the interesting things I see. There’s an inexplicable sensation when you look at photos. It’s just amazing how a single fleeting moment in your life can be captured forever.

As excited as a child opening gifts on Christmas Eve, I was all smiles when my monita handed me a Powerbooks paper bag. I knew that she’ll be nice enough to look for the planner and buy it for me!

Design Your Life 2013 Photo Planner, planner
Design Your Life 2013 will witness how my year will unfold!

Each month has a different theme and layout, and all pages are oh-so colorful. My favorite though is the November page. It’s marked with grid lines, and all I have to do is be my creative self and add stickers, colors, and lotsa photos on the page.

Design Your Life 2013 Photo Planner
Photos and stickers will fill this page for sure!

There are random days with amusing occasions and events, as well as quotes to live by, reminding us that everyday there’s something worthwhile to celebrate.

I cannot wait to start a wonderful journey this year, with my pink pen and my new planner.

Design Your Life 2013 Photo Planner, pink pen, parker, Chocolate Day, Slurpee Day
Can’t wait for Chocolate Day in July!

Grab your Design Your Life 2013 Photo Planner from Powerbooks for only Php530. 🙂 (You get to use your creative juices for planning without having to drink liters of frappuccino. :D)


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