Must Try This: K-Palette 1 Day Lash Perm

I rarely leave the house without mascara. This heaven-sent make-up is part of my routine because I have small, almond shaped eyes and I need to make them look bigger.

I have used different mascara brands – Maybelline, Cover Girl, MAC, Etude House, Prestige, Avon, and Tony Moly. Right now, I’m using K-Palette 1 Day Lash Perm mascara. I have read about it on several beauty blogs, so I headed to The Beauty Bar to check it out for myself.

The pink fancy box was covered in Japanese text save for the brand and the color, I was scared I wouldn’t understand anything! Good thing, there’s a sticker at the back with information and instructions on using it – in English.

K-Palette 1 day lash perm, K-Palette mascara

K-Palette mascara, K-Palette 1 day lash perm

After trying the mascara on, I can say that I agree to the claims at the back of the box. K-Palette mascara has lengthening and curling effects, which I achieved even without using a lash curler. Its curved brush allows application even to the finest of lashes in the inner corners of the eyes.

K-Palette 1 day lash perm, K-Palette mascara, eyeshadow

To put the mascara to the ultimate test, I used it on a day when I was scheduled to go to The Spa for a massage. After taking a shower, I had a 90-minute aromatherapy massage, and I even fell asleep for a few minutes. When I woke up, the mascara was still there. It didn’t smudge, and there was just minimal clumping of lashes. The mascara also easily washed off with lukewarm water and facial cleanser.

K-Palette 1 day lash perm, K-Palette mascara

What I particularly like about it is that it looks natural and it doesn’t really wear off until I remove it, living up to its name – 1 day perm lash / 1 day tattoo. The only setback is, I don’t think the tube will last for more than two months like the other brands I have used before. The mascara formula isn’t as thick and slick as MAC or Maybelline.

So for that, I’m giving it four out of five heels:


Try it out for yourself. You can get a tube from The Beauty Bar for Php895.


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