Getting to Know the Most Famous Mouse on Earth

Like an excited child when Christmas is near and he’s about to open gifts, I cannot wait for my first (unexpected) vacay for 2013. I have a strong feeling that what my stars are saying will come true – this is a year of travel for me. An opportunity opened up (something that I cannot miss) and I just had to tweak my travel sched a bit to give way to it. What makes me even more thrilled is that I will be visiting a place where the most famous mouse is – Disneyland!

My nerdy tendencies kick in, so I checked out Google for some fun facts that I didn’t know about the most famous character in Disneyland, Mickey Mouse:

  • Mickey’s original name was “Mortimer Mouse.” Good thing it was changed to Mickey because Walt Disney’s wife felt that the name should personify fun and humbleness.
  • He was introduced on November 18, 1928 on the first Disney cartoon with sound, “Steamboat Willie.” However, prior to that, he has appeared in two silent films.
  • Walt Disney was the voice behind the mouse from 1929-1946.
  • When the Allied Forces invaded Europe in 1944, intelligence officers used “Mickey Mouse” as a secret password.
  • He is called Mikki Ma-u-su in Japan, Topolino in Italy, Raton Mickey in Mexico, Mikki Hirri in Finland, and Michal Souris in France.
  • He first words were “hot dogs!” and he first appeared in color on “The Band Concert.”
  • The angle of his ears is exactly 105 degrees. No matter which side or angle you look at, his ears will always be round.
  • There are around 376 “hidden Mickeys” in Disney theme parks, which are subtly included during their construction.
  • Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse never married on screen, but according to Walt, they are “married” in private life.
  • Mickey has no less than 175 different costumes.
  • One of Walt Disney’s famous quotes goes, “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thingβ€”that it was all started by a mouse.”

Mickey Mouse in Disneyland, Mickey Mouse

See you really soon, Mickey Mouse! πŸ™‚


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