Throwback Thursday: Photographs and Memories

I was browsing my phone gallery for old pictures when I came across some which made me smile. Thank God for cameras, we can freeze a particular moment and capture a pretty, funny, or unforgettable second and keep it for life. Moments like…

I was writing on (my?) pillow! I think I was around 3 years old when this was taken. Pardon the bangs. Ewww the chubby cheeks. I still have them until now.


Another photo way, way back, with my brother, Louie. He’s sooo adorable (way, way back). There is another version of this photo, one of us with a halo, the other one with horns. Go figure who had the halo.

brother and sisterIf my memory serves me right, this next image was captured four years ago while we were vacationing in Baguio. I think my brother Louie was trying to imitate Manny Pacquiao (the holdaper version), so I ended up being the sore loser. Or maybe he was just testing if his punches would bounce off my fat cheeks.

Louie Pacquiao

Three years ago, we went kayaking in Punta Riviera Resort in Bolinao, Pangasinan. It was an absolutely enjoyable experience. Here, with my brother Louie (again), posing like he won some kayak race.

Punta Riviera Kayaking

A wedding is a precious event for all, not just for the bride and the groom. Everyone looks their best in celebrating with the couple. I’m with my brother Kevin and cousin Regine in this picture a couple of years ago, taken before my cousin’s nuptials where I was the maid of honor.

Me, Kevin, Regine

No, this is not an advertisement for Kamiseta. :p This was taken in a park in Pasig, where I first tried doing my own make up for a photo shoot. My prominent cheeks are still starring in this photo from 2010. (photo taken by Junelle Sardido)

Candy Colors photoshoot

It’s so nice to look back and relish memories and say “those were the days when…” I am looking forward to taking and collecting more photos, to remind us that life is simply fun and amazing. Happy Thursday! πŸ™‚


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