Happy Tummy on a Happy Saturday

I made a commitment to myself to lose some weight especially around the tummy area in preparation for summer. But my dear friend Cindy, who’s always on the lookout for new foodstuff wanted to try out two restaurants, and the matakaw girl in me immediately said yes to her invite. Well, my diet plans can be put on hold. I still have more than two months to achieve a beach bod for the Boracay shores.

We met at Greenbelt and did a little shopping first. Cindy needed a new pair of pumps, while I, on the other hand, initially didn’t have shopping plans. I was saving my money for a vacation in Hongkong in two weeks. But the shops weren’t cooperative and most of the items were on sale, so Cindy left Aldo with nice black pumps, and I stepped out of the store with aviator shades. 😦 πŸ™‚

Our first resto stop was Toast Box. This kopitiam (coffee shop) from Singapore offers toast sets and other Singaporean breakfast and snack sets. The white wooden chairs and tables and the antique looking fixtures lent a cozy feel to the coffee shop. I got myself a Peanut Thick Toast set (155php) which comes with coffee, two eggs, and toasted bread smothered with my favorite peanut butter. Cindy got the classic French Toast set (160php). I loved how homey it felt while we were enjoying our snack and our conversation. IΒ  am definitely coming back to try out their toast sets, Laksa, and teas. Toast Box is located at the 3rd Level of Greenbelt 5, beside Hobbes and Landes. I also spotted a branch in Solenad in Nuvali.

Toast Box, Toast Box Greenbelt 5, books and cups

telephone, wooden telephone, toastbox, toast box, toast box greenbelt 5

Toast Box, Toast Box Greenbelt 5, 13 and 1, 13, wooden number

Peanut Thick Toast Set, Peanut toast, Toast Box, Toast Box Greenbelt 5

After some window shopping, our next stop was Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House in Greenbelt 3, 2nd level. Cindy’s sister, Cynthia, recommended this Japanese restaurant to her. Yomenya Goemon offers 30 different Japanese pasta dishes and seven Japanese pizza variants. I actually found everything on the menu affordable, since I was expecting that each dish will cost around 400php. We ordered Margherita Pizza (250php) and Shrimp, Bacon and Onsen pasta (320php), and chowed on them with delight. You might find it weird that you have to use chopsticks to eat the pasta (and peel off the shrimp), but you’ll forget about that once you taste it. The egg, shrimp, bacon, plus lettuce and olives combine and make a delicious Japanese dish. Cindy and I loved the pizza, too, but we were too full to finish the whole thing. One serving of their pasta is good for sharing, unless you came from a marathon or haven’t eaten for days. Another thing that we liked about the place is how sunny the staff’s disposition was every time they greeted diners entering the restaurant. Oh, and one more thing. We spotted a cute Japanese-looking chef. Cindy and I will definitely visit Yomenya Goemon again *wink wink*.

Yomenya Goemon, Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House, Yomenya Goemon Greenbelt 3

Yomenya Goemon, Yomenya Goemon Greenbelt 3, Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House, Yomenya Goemon menu

Shrimp bacon and onsen pasta, japanese pasta, Yomenya Goemon, Japanese Spaghetti House

I will not regret making Saturday a cheat day if I’ll enjoy these toast sets and Japanese pasta dishes with Cindy again. We ended the day with smiles on our faces and the promise of exploring more restaurants and gastric delights in the coming weeks. I hope everyone had a happy Saturday and a happy tummy!

Cindy and I, Toast Box Greenbelt 5, Toast Box, Yomenya Goemon, Yomenya Goemon Greenbelt 3


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