A Slice of Life in Bonifacio High Street

Last weekend, the whole family decided to spend Sunday night in Bonifacio High Street. I love Bonifacio High Street because it is not crowded, and I feel close to nature even while I’m shopping. There are nice restaurants to choose from, and my dog Crystal can roam around freely and connect with other dogs. My dad also wanted to check out the bike store there, and my brother wanted to get a new jacket.

For dinner, we chose to try Slice in Bonifacio High Street Central (beside Mango). Actually, I’ve checked out the place before but only to try their Citrus Burst coffee. I liked the orange-infused coffee, so I suggested that we check if their other dishes are any good.

Slice, Slice Restaurant, Slice bonifacio high street, shih tzu

candle on the table

My dad ordered Seafood Puttanesca, while my mom got herself an American Burger with a side serving of salad. I got a bite of both and loved how they tasted. The pasta was perfectly cooked and the seafood garnish was equally tasty, while the burger was yummy with the caramelized onions on top.

Seafood Puttanesca, slice, slice bonifacio high street

American Burger, burger with onions, slice, slice bonifacio high street

It was hard to choose from their menu, what with their selection of pasta, burgers, and rice meals which all sounded flavorful. I ended up getting the same dish my brother Louie chose – Shrimp and Salmon Rice. It was a delectable rice meal and ultimately healthy, too! Slice uses brown rice for their dishes.

Shrimp and salmon curry, slice, slice bonifacio high street

The scrumptious feast did not end there. My youngest brother Kevin tried their Beef Rice Melt. The beef was tender, and it had a gooey taste and feel in the mouth because of the cheese on top. Another savory dish we got was the Tofu with Brown Rice, which my brother’s girlfriend ordered.

Beef Rice Melt, Slice, Slice bonifacio high street

2013-01-20 20.59.02

Of course a delightful supper will not be complete without the drinks. We chose their Iced Pinoy Chocnut and Rocky Road, and both specialty drinks did not disappoint. The mix of chocolate, nuts, and marshmallows provided a refreshing end to the savory dinner.

2013-01-20 20.42.47

Price range for the dishes is between 250php and 450php. It’s a bit pricey, but I can say that it was worth it. The ingredients used, especially the salmon and shrimp, were fresh, and the dishes were all tasty. The drinks are priced more affordably at 150php each.

However, I cannot say that I am happy with the service. It took some time before we were able to find a table, and when we finally found one, we had to wait for about ten minutes before they cleared out the plates and left overs of the previous diners. What I specifically did not like was that I caught the waitress chatting with her friends instead of attending to us. I had to go to the counter and ask them twice to set up the table, then I had to wait again before they gave us the menu. Also, patience is needed while waiting for food to be served. If you are really hungry, I wouldn’t advise you to dine in Slice because serving time takes around 30 minutes. We were even able to squeeze in a little shopping in Cotton On while waiting for our food.

I think I would come back and try out their desserts and other specialty drinks because they make delicious choco yema cupcakes at 70php each. I just wish it will not take too long to serve a cupcake and a cup of coffee though.

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you’ll find time to bond with your families over an ambrosial dinner tonight.


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