The iTouch with Multiple Personality Disorder

My iTouch has been one of my constant companions for the past two years. Once I step out of the house on my way to work or to the mall, I plug my earphones in, and get lost in my collection. I’ve got more than 7,000 songs in my iTouch, and most of my friends who have checked what these songs are usually laugh and ask: “Ano ba talaga ang gusto mong pakinggan?”

I don’t find anything funny with the music I listen to. But yeah, I admit, it’s a weird collection. I am not inclined towards a particular genre so I basically have almost all types of music in my iTouch: rock, alternative, R&B, house, and yes, those good old love ballads you often hear your dad blast on Sunday mornings. Almost every song genre is represented in it, except novelty songs. One of my friends was amazed by the wide variety of music in my trusty old gadget that he pleaded me to lend it to him overnight. When he returned it to me, I saw that he saved a playlist which doesn’t really have any theme to it. Trust me, with the vast collection of music in my iTouch, it would be hard to stick to any theme. The best thing to do is hit shuffle and just enjoy. One time, we did just that. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “Puro luma ang kanta!” The songs Words Get in the Way, Reasons, and One on One played consecutively while I was belting out to my heart’s delight. Hey, they’re my favorites!

I don’t want to think that my iTouch also suffers from a multiple personality disorder like me, but it’s a fact that when you browse through it, the chances of hearing a Metallica song next to a Whitney Houston hit are big. Okay, here are screenshots of the list of artists in my beloved iTouch:




See what I mean? Nonetheless, my friends are amazed at how this iTouch can keep me company no matter what mood I am in. When I feel like I don’t want to hear anyone and I want something loud, I just scan and scan and stop – play Sum41 or Disturbed. When I want a party in my head, there’s Hed Kandi and Swedish House Mafia to transport me back to my Encore and Republiq party nights. For those feel-good moments, I just adore my iTouch because I can simply look for the soundtrack of my favorite movie, 500 Days of Summer. And yes, for those juvenile instances when I just hate guys – my Taylor Swift albums come to the rescue.

Music, for me, is the only art form which touches the soul like no other. It’s astonishing how a song can easily bring back a barrage of memories and move me to tears. Music is the only language that everyone can understand, and it seems to know anyone and the most profound of emotions. My iTouch, as if on cue, can play the appropriate music for any given moment in my life.

Needless to say, I cannot live without music. My iTouch will be with me in all my journeys and it will help me get through anything. Now since it’s a laidback Sunday, my iTouch will be playing some good old music from The Beatles while I hum the day away.


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