“Don’t English Me, I’m Panic!”

They say Filipinos are good English speakers. In fact, we are the third largest English-speaking country in the world. Yes, I strongly believe that. Otherwise, call centers won’t be all over the place like mushrooms. We won’t be using English as a medium of instruction in schools and universities. I won’t be writing this blog in English.

But despite being familiar with the language, we make mistakes every now and then. I am not sure if we are just too confident that we can speak and write in English, so we don’t take time learning (and refreshing ourselves with) the grammar basics, knowing which prepositions to use, or polishing up on spelling. Maybe we just need a constant reminder that dictionaries, spell checkers, and F7 exist for a reason. I collected some pictures that showcase how Filipinos use (and misuse) the language at times.

Food food food. I cannot turn my auditor instincts off, so I took these photos while ordering (and suppressing laughter):



fish fellet with rise


Tenses. We have simple present, simple past, and simple future. It gets complicated though, once we have to use the past perfect tense or the progressive tenses. Examples? I have them, too!

this vehicle has being towed

reserved, please don't occupiedWrong spelling wrong! Enough said.


exceptional ting of beauty

Aside from being good English speakers, Filipinos are a bunch of humorous people, too. These signs, which I saw in a restaurant in Antipolo, just made my day. I cannot help but take pictures of them and add them to my collection:


217586_10150173557896185_1231130_n (1)English is a relatively easy language to master. Yet I still see a lot of people, posting statuses on Facebook or tweeting about what they did, what they ate, and I go like, “Dude, it’s and its are two different things. So are you’re and your, once and ones!” I cannot help it, and for that I am sorry. I am not going to post screen caps of those status updates and tweets, though. I am not that mean. For now, I will content myself with these random public posts and capture them while I try to figure out “where” to find the person who wrote this:

where openWe wouldn’t be acknowledged for having a good command of the language for nothing. But please…if you are having a hard time composing your thoughts in straight English, then I would much rather read your status in Filipino. Nothing’s wrong with that, I guess. After all, we are still Filipinos. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be laughed at in a bar when you approach a girl and you ask, “Hey byutipool, do you often here?”


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