Hey, nerd.

I finally had to wear eyeglasses, and when I say finally, I am required to wear them all day, everyday. I used to wear glasses but only when I am in front of the computer. Thanks to the books that I have read and the Excel trackers I had to work on the past year, everything around me is a blur without spectacles.

Last Sunday, I went to Vision Express to have my glasses made. It took about 20 minutes choosing the frames (great job to the attendant because she was soooo patient and helpful while my brother, my mom, and myself were checking out the frames), another 20 minutes checking my vision (with Dr. Gina, who was also very patient and detailed), and 60 minutes waiting for the finished eyeglasses (which we did while having dinner at my favorite resto Komoro Soba). I got a pair from Roberto Cavalli (good thing, the frames were discounted at 50% off. πŸ™‚ )

So here goes my new “nerdy, teacher-y” image as we start the new year. Pardon the eye bags and the chubby cheeks.

Roberto Cavalli glasses, roberto cavalli, nerd


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