From Divisoria to Binondo to Greenbelt

Cindy and I have a yearly habit of going to this haven for fashionistas and thrift shoppers to explore and score some great finds, especially clothes and accessories. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s Divisoria! While I am a bit particular when it comes to shoes and pants, I still find Divi a great place to raid when searching for trendy but affordable clothes and accessories. You just have to be armed with patience and haggling skills, and voila! The 1000php that I usually spend for a dress or a pair of pants in Mango is stretched and I come home with three to four items of clothing. Most clothes and accessories that we have bought from Divi before have been mistaken as items from designer labels. *wink wink*

The early summer heat didn’t stop us from going to Divisoria today. With our big bags ready to accommodate our “merchandise” for the day, we headed off to Divi. First quick stop was made in the 168 mall, then we started our rounds in the mall right next to it, 999 Shopping Mall.

168 shopping mall, 168 mall, divisoria

999 shopping mall, 999 mall, divisoria

We were more familiar with the place after shopping there twice, so we kind of followed a better system in checking the stalls. Since we already have ideas of what we wanted to get, we didn’t waste time in areas which are of no interest to us. We made sure to check out the latest loot in the stalls where we’ve previously shopped, and they didn’t disappoint. Cindy was able to get the bag that she wanted, a really nice dress, a polo, a shirt dress, accessories, make-up, and a bottle of cologne. I am proud that I was able to more or less stick to my budget, and I bought for myself a dress, a pair of silk shorts, a blouse, accessories, and cologne, too. I was really coveting a nice peplum dress, and the moment Cindy pointed this dress, I fell in love with it. The best part is – I got it for only 300php!

peplum dress, peach dress, divisoria, dress from divisoria

When it comes to shopping, sometimes it’s not the brand that really matters. What matters is how you choose pieces which will make you look put-together. A great style tip I have learned and I always practice is this – pair something that you purchased from a thrift shop or a tiangge, say a dress, with a classic and well-tailored blazer and of course a nice pair of heels. I’m sure you’ll look like a million dollars.

Anyway, the day didn’t end with happy faces and sore feet. We decided to have lunch at the Lucky Chinatown Mall. Both of us were surprised because the mall, despite being surrounded by tiangges, stalls, and the distinct Divisoria scent (I think you know what I mean), was clean and relatively spacious inside. I googled it and found out that the same developers who established Eastwood City, Newport Mall, Venice Piazza, and Burgos Circle also built Lucky Chinatown in Binondo. Good job, Megaworld! The mall sort of reminded us of the malls in HongKong, even the smell and the people! We honestly didn’t expect to see Mango, 158 Designers Blvd., Aldo, Cotton On, and Payless, among others, to be in that mall. Apart from the high-end boutiques, there were also restaurants like Uncle Cheffy’s and Shi Lin. Everything inside was a stark contrast to the cheap finds outside the mall. We opted to explore the food court area, which didn’t look like one. It wasn’t as crowded as food courts in other malls, and it even had Pepper Steak.

Lucky Chinatown Mall. Lucky Chinatown Mall binondo, lucky chinatown binondo

We strolled around the mall until we decided that it was time to leave. Nope, not heading home yet. We still had some energy left to go to Greenbelt and cool down after the intense Divinondo (a term coined by Cindy) shopping and workout. 🙂

To cap off the day, we had some dessert in one of our favorite crepe spots, Cafe Breton. Cindy and I chatted about how our day went, how happy we were with the stuff that we got, and what we’re going to do next. We are going to Calaguas Island in two weeks so we are pretty excited for another adventure. After a few minutes, our desserts were served and we just whiled away time exclaiming how delicious our crepes were. Cafe Breton really makes mouth watering crepes. Cindy’s Normandie (with apples, cinnamon, and caramel) and my Le Magnifique (with bananas, choco hazelnut and almonds) were so yummy, we just couldn’t stop smiling after a tiring but fruitful Saturday.

crepes,cafe breton crepe, cafe breton greenbelt, normandie, le magnifique

Happy Saturday from Divisoria to Binondo to Greenbelt indeed!


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