Another Manic Monday

monday, shortest horror story

I know I shouldn’t be spreading bad vibes on the first day of the week, but I just can’t help agreeing to this. There are times when no matter how great your weekend was, no matter how many hours you’ve slept, events conspire to piss you off. At least that’s how it was earlier today, when I felt like Monday was playing a terrible joke on me.

I left my earphones at home which meant that I had to endure the cacophony of the crowded street full of honking vehicles and the irritating voice which repeatedly shouted “Win Radio, Win Radio!” in the FX. My computer was so slow, a sloth could beat it if they were in a race. My lunch was a mess of a pork steak swimming in grease. I almost missed my cousin’s birthday dinner because of the long queue for the ride going home. Thank goodness the driver was tuned in to EZ Rock, but the tragic love songs didn’t help so much to boost my mood.

Apart from the few instances when I laughed my heart out today, I thought everything else would go awry. Lo and behold! When I got to the kitchen of my cousin’s house, there it was – a Tupperware-full of fruit salad. And all the negative vibes disappeared, as if they never existed to ruin this day.

Goodnight, Monday. You maybe the shortest horror story, but you’re not gonna give me a nightmare. Sorry.


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