For a change…

Believe me when I say girls are fickle-minded. I spent a good part of the night (about two to three hours) looking for a new theme for my blog. I changed my theme for about five times before I settled and felt satisfied with Bueno. It was also my way to de-stress after a day’s work. And why did I replace my Ever After theme? Because it’s a theme for a wedding blog! I didn’t realize that until I filtered the themes and saw that it was right next to the Lovebirds wedding blog theme.

I tried tweaking the CSS codes, copying some codes from a theme that I stumbled upon a website. I wanted to replicate the fonts from that free custom theme. Too bad, I need to purchase the custom design upgrade feature for the codes to be saved. I wanted to make my blog more personalized, but I don’t have plans of shelling out money for this yet.

Changing the layout of my blog would be enough for the meantime, I guess. At least I got to change the site name to a pink-colored font.

Now time for some shut-eye. I have about seven hours and thirty minutes left to spend in dreamland. Yes, I’m that weird. Before I close my eyes I make sure to count the number of hours I have for sleeping. 🙂

Goodnight, blogosphere.


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