Must Try: Benefit The POREfessional

Before I took make-up classes, I used to think that the moisturizer-foundation-loose powder combo was enough to make my face look and feel smoother. A friend who happens to be a make up artist recommended Benefit’s The POREfessional as an addition to my beauty regimen. It’s not a primer per se, but for several months now I have been using it to help make my skin look healthier. It makes those ugly bumps and creases look less conspicuous on my face. Even those unwanted spots around my nose with blackheads seem to disappear.

The POREfessional is a balm which aids in minimizing the appearance of pores that girls absolutely abhor. I noticed though that it has also made it easier for me to apply liquid BB cream because it just glides over my face smoothly. It’s lightweight, so I don’t feel like I have a thick mass of make up on my face. It has a silky smooth finish and at the end of the day, I don’t need to re-apply foundation. In fact, instead of reapplying make up, I use this for touch-ups instead. That’s how versatile this wonder balm is.

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Benefit POREfessional


benefit porefessional, primer
This is how it looks after applying moisturizer, Benefit POREfessional, Miss Beauty BB Cream, and Fashion 21 loose powder

I love how it works well with the other make up products that I use on my face. Those little bumps and fine lines especially on my forehead and the rough area on the sides of my nose seem to disappear a few minutes after I’ve applied the product.

Benefit POREfessional gets four and a half pink heels from me. Well the only setback is that it’s kinda pricey, as it comes in a 22ml tube for Php1,600.


You can check out Benefit Cosmetic Boutique at Greenbelt 5 or Benefit in Rustans and experience the wonders of this balm.


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