50 Shades of Mortification

I’ve previously shared in this blog how much of a book lover I am. I always make sure that I have good company in bed, in the form of a book, before sleeping. I am always on the lookout for good books with exciting stories and surprising endings.

An interesting but embarrassing book discovery was made a couple of days ago, when Maggie and I made a quick trip to one of our favorite areas in The Podium, Best Sellers. We had to do a double take after seeing this:

50 shades of grey, 50 shades of grey tagalog version

Are you kidding me? 50 Shades of Grey in Filipino?! Up until now, I feel discomfited at the idea of translating the erotic novel to Tagalog. I have read all three books in the English series, and admittedly, there were moments of discomfort because of the vivid descriptions in them. What more when it’s in Filipino? Don’t get me wrong, I love our native language. I embrace the beauty of our words. Everything just sounds more truthful, more meaningful, when spoken in Filipino (i.e., “Thanks” versus “Salamat”). However, wouldn’t it be better if we wrote our own books in Filipino, based on our own ideas, reflecting our own values, and exploring our very own perspectives in terms of S&M? Just thinking out loud here.

I shared this photo on Instagram and Facebook, and here are my friends’ reactions:

50 shades of grey, 50 shades of grey in filipino

50 shades of grey in filipino, 50 shades of grey filipino version, 50 shadesof grey 

Yes, you read it right. This book was right next to the Hunger Games, which was translated into Filipino, too. I did not dare check who the author/s of these books are, but I seriously feel weirded out. I just have one question though. What is shades in Tagalog?


3 thoughts on “50 Shades of Mortification

  1. Caren

    Wow Patty blog mo ang top post about this! Haha! Anyway eto sample line: “”Anastasia, lalabasan na ako ngayon sa bibig mo. Kung ayaw mo, tumigil ka na ngayon.”

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