Blast from the Past: Photographs and Memories Part 2

Just like the dilemma faced by Maggie after Holy Week, I find myself at a loss for words. I feel like blabbing about everything that has transpired between my last post in March and today, but at the same time I don’t know where to actually start. It’s been almost two weeks since I last posted in my blog. I thought I could actually write something everyday during Holy Week but because we were moving in to a new place, I got busy.

Yet Holy Week was pretty uneventful for me in the sense that I didn’t spend it out of town like what I normally did for the past few years. Instead of long walks by the beach or ten hours of sleep in the hotel, doing and thinking of absolutely nothing, I spent Holy Thursday and Good Friday carrying stuff from the old house to the new apartment. Black Saturday and Easter were not any different but I went out to visit family friends.

For the past few days I have been suffering a massive writer’s block. I would boot up the laptop when I get home and open WordPress, but nothing really came out of my head. Normally I would just start typing and make a few repairs here and there until I’m satisfied with an article. For a couple of days I just stared at the underside of the bed (I have a double deck bed in my room) and let myself be whisked away to dreamland. One good thing though was that I have finished the last book in the Millennium series and now starting with my books for April (Brida and Flowers for Algernon).

Going back to my placid but tiring Holy Week… The moving out and moving in. There are only two things that I like about moving out – 1. You get to check your stuff and see if there are things to be discarded, and 2. You get to reminisce as you pore over albums and yearbooks that of course, cannot be put to trash.

Now here are some pictures that I have saved on my phone because I find them amusing and cute and funny:

Baby picture
Yes, that’s me when I was still an infant. And yes, that’s my dad (when he still looked thin and ragged LOL). No offense meant but I call this his “terrorista look.”
family picture, lola
An old family picture. I think I have turned a year old here. With my Lola too in her infamous “daster”
old pictures, cousins
I super adore this picture of me, my brother Louie (wearing the Mickey Mouse sando), and cousins Jeff and Joy. Pardon the bangs.
adidas kids shoes, adidas, old picture
Photo ops before going to school! I love my brother’s kicks here. No wonder he’s still a big Adidas fan until now. (I’m still wearing that ugh – yellow headband)
old ID, nursery ID
My Nursery identification card. I don’t know why they allowed me to show off my two big front teeth for an ID picture.
graduation picture, grad pic, old pic
One of my favorites. When asked by my friend why I have this reaction, I answered, “Nasilaw ako sa panot na photographer.” Chubby cheeks for the win!

I cannot thank the person who invented the camera and photographs enough for coming up with such a wonderful gadget. I admit, I am a sentimental person and I like looking back to events from the past. These pictures connect me to those years when I didn’t care much about the world and I found joy in the simplest of things.

Because I had such a simple Holy Week and didn’t even set foot on a different town, I’ve made several plans with cousins, friends, and teammates for May for trips to Mindoro, Vigan, and Zambales. Definitely I’ll capture more photos which I’d post soon and look back to after a few years.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!


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