Online Book Shopping

One of the most terrible things that could happen to someone who loves books is when a book that you’re looking for is not available in the bookstore. As this has happened to me, I have thought of buying an e-book reader for myself last year, but I realized that reading a real book is still the better way to go.

I have experienced searching a bookstore for a book that I so badly wanted to read, only to find out that it’s out of stock. Sometimes, I also look for a book but it has long been phased out or re-published with a different cover or in hardbound. That means, it could be more expensive or its cover would be different from its first print. I usually prefer the original cover when a book is first released over movie tie-ins.

Kim, one of the members in my team, has shared with me a list of online shops which she discovered while preparing a list of books to buy. Most of the books that she planned on purchasing were unavailable in National Book Store or PowerBooks. She gladly shared the list with me and because I know the feeling of disappointment when you scour all bookstores for that one book that you can’t find, I am sharing the sites with you as well.

Check out these websites and share them with fellow book lovers, too!

Read Philippines (Pinoy Readers Community):Β

Books for Keeps:Β

I have yet to try shopping for a book online, but I saw a package received by Kim with about three to four books. She was really delighted because they were even covered in plastic plus the seller added cute book marks as freebies.

You can shop for new books or pre-loved ones in great condition. Plus, some sites offer book swapping and selling if you want to make room for new books in your shelf. Happy book shopping!

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