A Dorky-looking Patty, soon.

I have been making frequent trips to the dentist for the past few days. I used to hate going to them, but that changed when I met my new dentist. You see, I am not a big fan of hospitals and clinics. The smell of disinfectant makes me cringe. The sight of doctors, in their immaculately clean suits, makes the floor under my feet shift. I have tried my very best not to get sick, so I don’t have to set foot on a hospital or clinic.

Unfortunately, my teeth need intervention, a professional one at that. I have a number of teeth to be filled and of course, I got to have them cleaned thoroughly, at least once a year. Before I spoke with my new dentist, I was clueless as to why cavities easily invade my teeth even when I brush three times a day. This weekend, I found out why.

I browsed the internet for dental clinics accredited by my medical insurance and came across this – Karla Domingo Dental Studio. The name sounded fancy but at the same time, it gave me a hint of what to expect in a dental clinic studio. I “googled” reviews about the clinic and all I got were positive ones.

After arming myself with enough courage to sit on a dental chair again, I visited Doc Karla in her studio.

Karla Domingo Dental Studio
Don’t let the ordinary looking door fool you into thinking that this is just an ordinary clinic.

True enough, it is not like a typical dental clinic with white washed walls. It looked more like a spa. Her assistant, Sheila, greeted me when I stepped into the threshold. I immediately loved what I saw:

Karla Domingo Dental Studio
The small lobby where Sheila (not in the photo) is stationed.
karla domingo dental studio
The comfy couch where I sat while waiting for my turn. It didn’t smell like a clinic in here!
karla domingo dental clinic
So sashal is the lounge! There is music playing – relaxing bossa nova music that will make you forget what’s being done with your teeth.

I still feel a bit shy so I haven’t been able to take a picture with Doc Karla, but believe me when I say that she is pretty and really nice. She was very gentle while doing oral prophylaxis and you would definitely get the feeling that she really knows what she is doing. After all, she did not just finish her studies in the University of the Philippines Manila, but she also took dentistry-related courses in the States.

karla domingo dental studio
She’s a fellow Iskolar ng Bayan.
karla domingo dental studio
These are her diplomas from the University of Alabama. She’s really one skilled dentist.

I’m pretty sure I will be writing more about my trips to Doc Karla’s dental studio because I will soon get myself…drum roll please… braces! Not that I’m thrilled or excited to look geeky. I learned that the cavities have been attacking me like crazy because my teeth are overcrowded and are misaligned, thus the need to really fix them. The braces will allow my teeth to have the ideal spacing in between them so I can floss and brush them correctly. I will definitely be posting updates about that soon!

If you suddenly felt the need to see a dentist (like my guy friends at work when I mentioned that Doc Karla is pretty), you can schedule an appointment with her through her assistant Sheila by sending a message to 0917-5550641. The Karla Domingo Dental Studio is open from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm, Unit 1409, Medical Plaza, San Miguel Avenue, Pasig City.


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