Monday Blues

And so another week has started. I can’t say that I had a great day earlier today, maybe save for the fact that I bought my favorite mochi ice cream and I had a chat with Maggie after her week-long leave before I left the office. For some weird reason, Mondays are not so friendly to me.
I am worried about something. Worry cripples me. I cannot be my usual bubbly, energetic self even when I know that all I need is just a little faith that things will turn out well.

But what turned my mood around apart from my blue vanilla mochi was an advice from someone I’ve known for a few years. He knows me too well (and it makes me feel like an alarm goes off in his head when the tone of my voice or my choice of words changes during a conversation). He said that I should stop over analyzing (I’m trying), and then this:

“Your feet will take you where you should be in the first place, provided your heart is in the right place.”

I feel better now, thank you. 🙂

your feet will lead you to where your heart is


(Photo from snippetsofdesign)


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