The Real Summer Has Just Begun

I’m kind of weirded out that for the third time this week, I am up at this time of the day. I dozed off at around 12 midnight, after reading a few pages of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I am liking what’s happening and I can’t wait to finish it (and cover it, too!). A friend of mine recommended and lent it to me just right after I finished Brida by Paulo Coelho. I wanted to grab the book again but told myself that I might fall asleep and wake up when the spine of the book hits me hard on the face like what usually happens.

I remember an article I read somewhere, I think from Facebook, which states that if you wake up at around 3am, there is a good chance that somebody is staring at you. I don’t know why I am even telling myself this, but those things don’t scare me too much. So here I am typing in the dark, thinking that maybe the real reason why I am awake is because it is frickin’ hot in my room right now.

I am suddenly reminded that it is May 1, Labor Day holiday. No work for me today. I have errands to run though, one of which is to bring Crystal to the groomer and to her veterinarian for a check up. She has ticks, and I am disgusted and worried, too. The last time she got sick because of these blood-sucking creatures so I need to make sure that she’s fine and that she gets rid of these pests asap.

One more thing that I am reminded of – May is officially the start of summer for me! Despite the unbearable heat, I cannot really say that April is my summer month because I have practically stayed in the metro and just recently – had dinner with friends, laughed it out over Indian food, watched and critiqued Iron Man 3 over coffee, and drove around Malate looking for this certain Hobbit House, so yeah, April was pretty much uneventful. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every single minute of it, but my feet are itching to go somewhere other than Greenbelt or Mall of Asia. I’ve got activities planned for May, this time they all require me to pack my bags and go out of town!

First stop this coming weekend would be White Beach, Puerto Galera. My brother and I have organized a short vacay over the weekend, and for the first time, we’re going to Puerto Galera with my cousins. I’ve been there around four or five times, most of the trips were with friends, so now I am more excited because my cousins and I will finally get to go to the beach without the seniors (the parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles hihi). We can swim and party the night away by the shore and sober up while eating arroz caldo in one of the seaside restos. Why Puerto Galera? I had to think of a place which has the beach and booze but is more accessible than Boracay. So Mindoro pops into mind, having been there and having tried out island hopping, drinking by the beach, and simply enjoying summer.

puerto galera, scuba diving in puerto galera, mindoro, summer
First stop: Puerto Galera!

On May 17 to 19, Cindy has scheduled a trip to Ilocos. Together with some other friends, we’re going to explore Pagudpod, Laoag, and Vigan and I am exhilarated at the thought that I will get to try something new. I have been to Ilocos before, but this time, part of the itinerary is a visit to the sand dunes and maybe ride a 4X4, and just imagining how fun it would be makes me want to fast forward this month to our Ilocos escapade.

paoay church, ilocos, summer
Next on the list is Ilocos, and I’ll see you, Paoay Church.
vigan, ilocos, summer
Calle Crisologo in Vigan.

Bangui windmills, ilocos, summer
Amazing sight awaits – Bangui Windmills.

Before we hit the rainy season in June, I will have my last summer hurrah with who else, but my beloved team at work! My “kids” will be done with their proby period and will be regularized next month, so we’ll be celebrating in Nagsasa Cove in Zambales. I have tried camping in Calaguas, and I have also been to Anawangin and Capones but I am equally curious about Nagsasa. With our tents, sleeping bags, and portable stove, we’ll be bonding and exploring nature on the last days of May.


Nagsasa cove, zambales, summer
One with nature in Nagsasa Cove.

Summer is definitely the perfect time to bond with loved ones and friends. I cannot be anymore excited about all these trips lined up for May. The sun’s going to be up, the weather will be oh-so-perfect, and we’ll just laze around, marvel at the beauty of nature and realize how lucky we are that we are able to take part in these blessings.

Photos courtesy of scubadive philippines, book below zero, virtualtourist, pinoylakwatsero, and tourism-philippines


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