My Virtual Workout Buddy

I am not getting any younger. Despite being able to lose weight rather easily when I want to or if I need to, I still need to make sure that I have an active lifestyle. But I have to admit – I cannot be a healthy eater. I gorge on chocolates, desserts, and I’ve been drinking too much soda lately.

I’d rather exercise than to stop being the serial lechon kawali killer. My friends know how much I love pork and all the fat that comes with it. My morbid self would sometimes think that I would die of a heart attack while filling up my belly with slices of pork submerged in fish sauce or Mang Tomas. Kinda grosses you out? Sorry, but sinigang, pork sinigang to be exact, is my all-time favorite food.

So what do I engage in to maintain my 43-kilogram petite body? You got it right if you answered this: I workout. And thank heavens for this application that has made it easier to workout, there is no need to go to the gym and pay membership fees (which I can use to buy stilettos instead). I’ve been using the Nike Training Club for about a month now to workout. And it sure does help me burn those calories from snacking on Snickers or Mcdo french fries.

The Nike Training Club provides a wide range of workouts, depending on what you want to achieve. It enables you to focus on a particular goal or a specific body part.

nike training club
Wanna be lean, toned, or strong?

It’s almost the same with those instructional Hip-hop Abs or Yoga videos, but what I like about it is that you can manage your time because there are options on the duration of the exercise. Here are the drills that I have saved (now you know what my fitness goals are):

nike training club, workout
My favorite training sets.

There are different drills which you can definitely do in the comfort of your home. Most of the time, I exercise in my room. Another feature of this application is the video demonstrating how to correctly perform a particular workout. For some exercises you would need weights, a medicine ball, or a yoga mat, while for most of the drills, you wouldn’t need any equipment. Well of course they all require loads of energy for running, flexibility in reaching your toes, and determination in finishing a set of exercises. I have to say that it’s kinda similar to the circuit training offered in some gyms, only that you work on your own, without a real instructor beside you.

nike training club, workout partner
Get Lean in 30 minutes!

Several times I’ve walked into the office feeling so tired and sore from the push ups that I had to do and repeat, but hey, it feels good. I sweat like crazy not just because it’s hot but also due to the intensity of the workout. I am aiming to finish all exercises – from beginner to advanced – and who knows, I might end up looking like one of the girls with washboard abs and super toned arms in the videos.

You can download the Nike Training Club from the Google Play Store for free.


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