Friday, Finally and a Lesson From Po

Oh yes, Friday! Finally. This week was like a roller coaster ride, every twist and turn of which gave me ephemeral emotions. One moment I was chuckling at a “joke” about girls with foreheads which look like a hundred planes can land on them, next thing I know I’m holding back my tears because of a not-so-good news that I am still trying to digest until now.

But hey, it’s a Friday. Throughout the week I struggled to be a happy camper and I guess I won and defeated negativity. Right now I feel elated at the thought that I survived five crazy days, thanks to a few people who never fail to put that smile back on my face.

This week’s pick me uppers include a new pair of flats which I got for half the price in a fancy box, a witty line/inside joke about bonsai plants, and of course, great grubs which make my tummy happy.

It may not be that obvious if you don’t stare at my cheeks long enough, but I’m one big eater. For the past few days I have been rewarding myself with delectable noms – and I don’t fret after gobbling up a big cup of rice or a slice of cheesecake despite having to spend hours burning the calories.

Before heading home the other day, my brother and I decided to while away time at our favorite The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. He treated me to a slice of my favorite cheesecake, and every forkful of the dessert seemed to bring back to life my mood that was dampened earlier that day. Cakes, or any dessert for that matter, never cease to delight me. Oh and I also had a cup of my well-loved Tropical Passion Tea Latte.

tropical passion tea latte, coffee bean and tea leaf

cheesecake, the coffee bean and tea leaf

Apart from satisfying the sweet tooth in me, I had a chance to go back to Cafe de Bonifacio this week for some delicious Filipino food. The initial plan was to eat in another choice resto, Brasas, but the queue was too long. I guess a lot of people were craving for their chicken rice platter and chipotle sauce. So we headed to the second best option in The Podium and ordered good old ensaladang talong, crispy bagnet, and pork sisig. I chowed on them with glee and without the least bit of remorse – even if I thought for a millisecond that it won’t do my cholesterol levels any good.

cafe de bonifacio
Appetizer – some kind of fish crackers made tastier with pesto and parmesan cheese. Not a weird combination, I’m telling you!
sisig, cafe de bonifacio
Sisig ala Rebolusyonaryo – I love how the minced pork belly was cooked – perfectly crunchy.
ensaladang talong, cafe de bonifacio
Classic – Ensaladang Talong with Salted Egg. A must order for Maggie and I! I just need to say this: ang sarap talaga ng talong.
crispy bagnet, cafe de bonifacio
To make it a healthier feast – Crispy Bagnet with ensaladang mangga

Too bad another popular dish which also happens to be our top favored was not available. The Butterflied Tilapia in tamarind sauce could have made our lunch the best one this week.

I’ve been to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf many a number of times, and I just adore everything in that coffee shop – the ambiance, the desserts, the drinks, the baristas, even the music. As for Cafe de Bonifacio, I can say that they are doing a great job in maintaining a clean restaurant, with a fast and friendly staff, and of course their scrumptious dishes. This was my fifth visit if my memory serves me right, and I will definitely come back. I have to have that tilapia again!

In times of distress, you can never go wrong if you head to the nearest coffee shop or resto or pizzeria or what-have-you. Grab something yummy and just relish the moment, then go back to your desk and you’ll see the big difference. We all gotta learn something from Po, right?

PO, KUNG FU PANDA, i eat when im upset


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