Happy Mother’s Day!

Early this year, I had a chance to travel with my mother to Hong Kong and Macau. It was our first time to go out of the country together. We had petty fights along the way, but we still managed to enjoy our trips. I’d tell her where to go or ask her to walk faster (I really walk fast), and she had obliged most of the time. We navigated through Macau with the help of a tourist map only, and when she asked me if I was sure that we can go around and locate the must-visit spots there, I defiantly said, “Tiwala lang, Ma.” I wanted to allow her to take in the sights and sounds of Macau and not to worry about getting lost. She knew though, that I’ve never been a good navigator, FYI – I don’t even know how to read maps correctly! But travelling to that place for the first time, honestly, was easier and less scarier because I was sure that whatever happens, I have my mother with me.

Happy mother’s day, Ma! Apologies for the collage I put together. This is what my not-so-artistic self has managed to create with our travel photos.


I hope though that you liked the ceramic piggy bank I left for you on the table this morning.

ceramic piggy bank, piggy bank
Oink oink oink!

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