Snapshots from Ilocos

I just got home from a three-day Ilocos tour with my friends Cindy, GJ, and his girlfriend Roxy. I just loved everything about that place – the churches, the museums, the trees, the fresh breeze – all I needed to take my mind off the pain from my newly-attached braces. The only one thing that I hated about the vacation was the fact that I didn’t get to eat bagnet.

Nonetheless, I had loads of fun. The sights of Ilocos are amazing, I cannot stop myself from taking photos. Here are some snapshots of the beautiful places we visited:

ilocos norte, bacarra ruins, domeless tower of bacarra
Bacarra Ruins in Ilocos Norte
ilocos norte, travel, domeless tower of bacarra, bacarra
Domeless tower of Bacarra
museo de bacarra, ilocos norte
Museo de Bacarra
museo de bacarra, bacarra, ilocos norte
Museo de Bacarra
cape bojeador, lighthouse, ilocos norte
Cape Bojeador lighthouse
cape bojeador, lighthouse
View from Cape Bojeador lighthouse
bangui windmills, ilocos norte, pagudpod
Bangui Windmills
saud beach, pagudpod, ilocos norte
Saud Beach
patapat viaduct, bridge, pagudpod
Patapat Viaduct
window, ferdinand marcos, marcos birthplace
A window in Ferdinand Marcos’ birthplace
ilocos norte, sta. monica church
Sta. Monica Church
sta. monica church, bell tower, belfry
Sta. Monica Church belfry
paoay lake, paoay, ilocos norte
Paoay Lake
paoay church, paoay church ilocos norte
Paoay Church
paoay church, ilocos norte
Paoay Church
paoay church belfry, paoay church, ilocos norte
Paoay church belfry
paoay church, ilocos norte
A window on the side of Paoay church, near St. Augustine’s prayer garden

More pictures and stories from my Ilocos trip – soon! πŸ™‚

These pictures were taken using a Samsung Ace mobile phone and post processed using Pixlr-o-matic. Please do not use the photos without the author’s permission.


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