Travel Journal: Ilocos 2013 | Pagudpud

Our first day in Ilocos was spent in Vigan, in what seemed like a field trip for a History class. Next in our itinerary was a beach adventure in no less than the beautiful shores of Pagudpud.

We woke up early and had breakfast in Gertes Hotel where we were checked in. Despite the pain from my braces which was increasing by the day, I was really excited to see Pagudpud as well as the other sights offered by Ilocos Norte.

True enough, Ilocos Norte is so full of treasures to behold. Here are just some of the photos I’ve taken while gasping in sheer amazement at the view in every stopover:

1st stop: Bacarra Ruins / Museo de Bacarra

bacarra ruins, ilocos norte
The Domeless Tower of Bacarra
bacarra ruins, ilocos norte
The ruins on the ground were left untouched, thus attracting tourists.
Museo de bacarra, bacarra ruins, ilocos norte
Museo de Bacarra at the back of the church
museo de bacarra
Farming and fishing equipment a long time ago
st. andrew church baptismal records, museo de bacarra, bacarra ruins
Old baptismal records in St. Andrew church were still well-preserved.
museo de bacarra, bacarra ruins
A representation of a living room of a well-off family centuries ago
bacarra ruins, museo de bacarra
The ironing board many years ago kinda looks the same as what we have now.

2nd stop: An asinan by the highway

asinan, salt, salt water, rock salt, ilocos norte
Locals in this part of Ilocos make a living by extracting rock salt from salt water.
salt, rock salt, ilocos norte
Ate spends 15 hours daily on average separating the salt from the water. Yes, 15 hours scraping and hauling salt with all this heat and steam around.
rock salt, ilocos norte
Then this is what they get and sell: pure rock salt

3rd stop: Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

cape bojeador lighthouse, lighthouse
Tourists flock to see the Cape Bojeador lighthouse
cape bojeador, burgos lighthouse, ilocos norte
Cape Bojeador lighthouse is also known as Burgos Lighthouse
cape bojeador lighthouse, ilocos norte
A wonderful view of the sea surrounding Ilocos Norte

4th stop: REFMAD Dragon fruit farm

refmad dragon fruit farm, dragon fruit, ilocos norte
The REFMAD Dragon Fruit Farm owned by the Dacuycuy Family is the first dragon fruit farm in the Northern Philippines.
refmad dragonfruit farm, ilocos norte
Almost 10 hectares of dragon fruit plantation.
refmad dragon fruit farm, ilocos norte
The dragon fruit farm has about 15,000 dragon fruits.
dragon fruit, refmad dragonfruit farm, ilocos norte
Of course, they sell dragon fruit merchandise!
dragon fruit, dragon fruit ice cream, refmad dragon fruit farm, ice cream, soft biscocho, ilocos norte
Definitely a must-try: dragon fruit ice cream! It got even better when I ate it with soft biscocho.

5th stop: Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

kapurpurawan rock formation, ilocos norte
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation was created by oceanic forces along the coast of Burgos Town.
kapurpurawan rock formation, ilocos norte
You have to walk for about 5-10 minutes in exploring the numerous formations by the shore.
kapurpurawan rock formation, ilocos norte
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation is also called White Rock Formation.
kapurpurawan rock formation, ilocos norte
See that white rock behind me? It’s created by nature and not one inch of it is man-made (I heard several tourists assuming that it was man-made)

6th stop: Bangui Windmills

bangui windmills, bangui wind farm
Bangui Windmills or wind farm uses 20 units of 230 ft Vestas turbines.
bangui windmills, bangui wind farm, ilocos norte
I was sooo excited to see the windmills, but I honestly got scared when I heard the sound of the air around it. And yeah, they were enormous!

7th stop: Pagudpud – Saud Beach / Kapuluan Vista Resort

kapuluan vista resort, pagudpud
Lunch time at Kapuluan Vista Resort! They use organic ingredients in their dishes.
kapuluan vista resort, pagudpud
Kapuluan Vista Resort also offers spa/massage services.
kapuluan vista resort, pagudpud
They have a pool right smack in the middle of the resort if you don’t like swimming in the beach…
saud beach, kapuluan vista resort
…Or you can lounge by the beach sitting on these bean bags and just listening to the waves as they hit the shore.
poodle, poodle by the beach, kapuluan vista resort
We met this cute puppy relaxing by the beach, too!
beach rules, pagudpud, kapuluan vista resort
Remember these beach rules: surf, drink and relax!

8th stop: Patapat Viaduct

patapat viaduct, bridge, laoag to cagayan
Patapat Viaduct is a 1.3 km viaduct connecting Laoag to the Cagayan region.
patapat viaduct, bridge, laoag to cagayan
According to our tour guide Jao, tourists really stop and have their pictures taken on the bridge.

9th and last stop for the day: Kabigan Falls

kabigan falls, ilocos norte, trek
We walked for about 30-40 minutes on a 1.8 km trek going to the Kabigan Falls, our last stop for the day.
kabigan falls
We passed by this old tree on the way to the falls.
kabigan falls, ilocos norte
I didn’t get to swim but I got to feel how cold and refreshing the water from the falls was. If you’re tired of the beach, then the Kabigan Falls should be a part of your itinerary.

This day was definitely exhausting, what with the nine tourist locations we visited. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it so much and I felt re-energized upon seeing the superb creations and the hidden beauty of Ilocos Norte. It made me look forward even more to our third day in Ilocos where we’ll explore the rest of Laoag.

If you’re interested to tour Ilocos and see for yourself these scenic spots, check out Ilocos Adventure Tours.Β You can get a tour package for 3,100php or even less if you are with a big group.


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