Saturday Discoveries: Crepes and Glasses of Sangria

The weekend has come and go, and I am thankful that I was able to end it with new discoveries. It was one of those Saturdays that I preferred to spend outside, exploring things I have been hearing about for the past few weeks. It was pretty much laid back, fun, and refreshing. I had a busy work week prior to that so I made sure that I’ll be able to relax in one of my favorite hang outs: The Fort.

Discovery number 1: SM Aura Premier

So much hype has been going on with the opening of this mall because they invited Sarah Jessica Parker to grace the launch with her presence. I guess they could’ve invited someone else but still generate that excitement. Mall rats like me flocked to SM Aura Premier last weekend despite the Two Serendra incident, in which an explosion occurred Friday night, a few meters away from the new mall.

This SM branch is different from the others primarily because of its structure. It doesn’t come sprawling across 18 hectares of land like Megamall, but I liked how it looked inside and even from the outside. The food court and cinemas were relatively small as well, just like the cinema area in The Podium. There are stores that have yet to be opened though. I think I can stroll around the entire mall in about one to two hours. And oh, Forever 21 and Cotton On have two floors! πŸ™‚

SM Aura premier, sm aura, the fort
SM Aura Premier is right across the parking lot of Market!Market! and is shaped like a big letter L.
sm aura premier, sm aura
The lobby on the ground floor is pretty spacious, but I bet in 2-3 months’ time there will be stalls here, too.
sm cinema, sm aura premier, hangover III
We watched Hangover III and laughed out loud in the packed cinema. It’s almost the same as the movie theater in The Podium.



Discovery number 2: Stradivarius

It’s my first time to go inside this boutique which apparently has another branch in Glorietta. The clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories remind me of Dorothy Perkins + Forever 21, while the price range is similar to that of Mango or Topshop.

I liked the stuff in Stradivarius, and when I get the chance to go back to either its SM Aura or Glorietta branch I’d get the cute denim vest that I spotted last Saturday.

stradivarius, sm aura
Stradivarius is located on the ground floor of SM Aura, across Cotton On.
stradivarius, sm aura
Here are some of the cute tops and pants that they have.
stradivarius, sm aura
Those trendy shorts are also available in Stradivarius in nice colors.



Discovery number 3: Mother’s Crepe and Cafe

I cannot believe I was introduced to Mother’s Crepe only last Saturday. I’ve always headed to Cafe Breton or La Creperie for my crepe fix, but now there’s one more cafe to add to that list. Mother’s Crepe is a small, bright cafe which serves crepes, drinks, and other delicious desserts, with two branches in the country (SM Aura and SM MOA). The branch in SM Aura attracted a lot of crepe lovers and people who love desserts like me that Saturday afternoon, and despite the lack in space (there were only two tables inside) we still lined up to taste their crepes for ourselves. I am definitely coming back to try their other treats!

mother's crepe and cafe
The pictures are mouth-watering, and you’d have a hard time deciding what to get, trust me.
mother's crepe and cafe, sm aura
After staring at the menu for several minutes, I chose the Mango crepe with Nutella and chocolate cream.
mother's crepe and cafe, sm aura
If the menu isn’t a big help, you can stare at these, too.
mother's crepe and cafe, sm aura
Here’s my crepe! They serve crepes which you can eat even while walking. I still hope they’d expand so we can spend more time inside the cafe!
jasmine green tea, mother's crepe and cafe
I ordered Jasmine Green Tea to quench my thirst from the heat outside. It sure did! They serve their drinks in 12 oz. and 16 oz. cups. This is definitely a must-try.



Discovery number 4: Casa Marcos

After the crepe discovery, the Hangover III, and shop raids in SM Aura, Cindy and I decided to try out this Japanese resto in Market!Market!, Moshi Koshi. I just had my interdental elastics attached to my teeth so Cindy thought I can eat their Ramen without much difficulty, while she tries out their chicken curry. While I tried my best to eat as much as I can, the food was simply a disappointment. There was nothing special about the Ramen, and Cindy’s chicken curry didn’t meet her expectations either. Blah.

Nonetheless, we went to Bonifacio High Street to meet up with Cindy’s sister, her nephew, and brother-in-law after dinner. We chatted the night away over coffee until they decided to call it a day. Time check: 11pm. For Cindy and I the day isn’t over yet until midnight strikes, so we agreed on capping the night off with a few drinks in Burgos Circle.

Bugsy’s was full (as always) and the other bars were either closed already or didn’t look interesting enough. We saw on the far end of the Β street a small restobar called Casa Marcos and there was no one inside, save for the waiters. With smiles on our faces we headed upstairs and chose a corner table where we enjoyed a carafe of Red Sangria.

casa marcos, burgos circle
Casa Marcos (according to my research) was an old restaurant which closed down before, only to be re-opened last February in Burgos Circle.
casa marcos, burgos circle
There were no other customers upstairs so Cindy and I were able to talk about a lot of Β stuff, everything and anything that we could possibly think of, while listening to the songs on the background – a mix of old love songs and Indie OPM.
casa marcos, burgos circle
Yes it’s happy hour! We enjoyed a 20% discount on the Sangria that night.
red sangria, casa mcarcos
I finished more than half of the carafe, and yes it’s perfectly normal for me. πŸ™‚ It’s really good!



Gone are the days of dressing up and partying like crazy til the wee hours of the morning. ‘Twas a weekend I looked forward to because I had a chance to de-stress and prepare for this week’s battles. In a few days, it’s going to be the weekend again! πŸ™‚





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