Keep Calm and Love Mondays

It has been an uneventful weekend for me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My definition of a blissful weekend: two days of waking up when I see that the sun is completely up because it’s 12 noon already, staying in front of the TV for hours while snacking on yogurt and jelly and browsing the channels for something interesting (errr insert a Cinema One feature presentation here), cheering for Maria Sharapova in the French Open Finals (and sulking because she lost to that she-male Serena Williams), surfing the internet and reading about Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson, and Charles Manson (I hope it doesn’t scare you but yeah, I read about those things), and finally, thinking about what’s gonna happen tomorrow. I told myself that I need to be in bed by 12am, and I’m doing myself a favor by turning in a little earlier than promised.

Yet here I am typing away my thoughts on a Sunday night when I should be on my way to dreamland. Tomorrow is the dreaded start of the week, Monday (duh). What’s going on in my mind right now:

I want to go jogging tomorrow. I even prepared my Lunarlon kicks for a jog around the village. But the heavy rain could potentially thwart the plan. I’m assuming frogs will be all over the streets tomorrow (FYI – I am scared of frogs and totally disgusted by their presence).

nike, lunarlon, kicks, jogging
What d’ya think, running mate? Should we hit the road tomorrow and burn some calories?


What am I going to wear tomorrow? I bet it’s gonna be a rainy Monday because of tropical storm Dante (haha, named after my Dad). So I rummaged in my closet and felt like there is nothing to wear even if I have tons of clothes in there (I get that annoying feeling every time). I pulled out a flared, black-and-gray Jellybean skirt, a blue knit cardigan, and a black spaghetti strap blouse. I was staring at them and finally decided that they’ll do for tomorrow’s OOTD.Β I’d just throw in some accessories and maybe put on some makeup.

rainy day, monday, sweater, knit cardigan
Rainy days are coming. Hello, knits and sweaters!


And I bet you do this, too. You sort of go over your Monday in your mind. I have meetings, emails, reports (repeat three times). My Monday is a bit packed because of a system workshop which will take about four hours, a conference call, and the other schnitz that I have to work on. Boohoo. Thinking about it makes me feel tired already. But I’ve got to arm myself with positivity and loads of energy because if I don’t, Monday will be an unproductive day for me.


Here’s to hoping that Mr. Sun will come out in the next few days and that everyone will be able to survive the weekend unscathed. After all, it’s four days away from another weekend after Monday! πŸ™‚


keep calm and love mondays, monday motivation



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