Man of Steel and Our Real-Life Superman

I just got home from watching Man of Steel (starring Henry Cavill), and up until now I feel so good about watching it. I understand why almost everyone on Facebook is raving about it, and it truly deserves the 8.4% rating in IMDB. I loved everything about the movie, and this is the kind of feeling that I want to get after watching one which I never really was a fan of in the first place. Seeing it on IMAX 3D just made it even better.

The special effects were astounding – from the crumbling buildings to the smashed glass windows and vehicles being sucked by the spacecraft and pulled back down into the ground again, and of course the fight scene between Kal-El and General Zod – everything was exciting that you’ll be left staring at the screen in sheer amazement. Zach Snyder (the director) did a great job in making sure that there was that balance between the action-filled scenes and the emotional parts of the movie as well. My brother mentioned that a few flashbacks and a little drama here and there would definitely appear because Christoper Nolan is one of the writers and producers of the film (think Memento and Inception which left me dazed and speechless 30 minutes into the movie). Nonetheless, I liked how the movie transitioned from Clark/Kal-El’s discovery of his true origin to the arrival of General Zod and his own army on planet Earth to look for the Codex, kill Kal-El, and rebuild Krypton. Again, I am no fan of the Superman franchise, but the movie got me sitting on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

I guess the only thing that bothered me while watching (and this is not about the movie at all) is the kid that was sitting beside me. Oh make that two kids, the one sitting beside me and the other kid two seats away from me. Kid 1 on my right was munching on his popcorn noisily and I think he’d grow up to be a superhero named Captain Obvious. He would keep mentioning the obvious or describing what was happening on the screen. Kid 2, meanwhile, was made to believe in the adage that goes, “Ang batang mahilig magtanong ay matalino.” I was on the verge of making my own version of the saying which will be phrased like “Ang batang maingay sa loob ng sinehan, kinukurot sa singit.” Dear parents of Kid 1 and Kid 2, let’s make it a point to remind the children not to be too noisy inside the movie house. They can ask all their questions as soon as the credits are rolling and I wouldn’t mind.

Anyhow going back to Man of Steel – I realized how timely the film’s release has been in the Philippines. It’s Father’s Day today, the celebration of which has started even last Sunday when some people thought that it was Father’s Day already. I’m sure families will flock to the cinemas to celebrate with their dads this weekend. It’s worth mentioning that the two fathers Clark knew, his real father from Krypton Jor-El (Rusell Crowe) and his father on Earth Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) both portrayed heroic roles in the movie. Jor-El saved Kal-El’s life by sending him to Earth when he was a baby because Krypton was about to face its doom, while Jonathan made Clark feel that he is his real child and taught him human values so Clark can live a life as close to normal as possible. It’s such an accurate portrayal of how our fathers sacrifice for us and work hard to give us the best the world has to offer.

My father is no superhero and he will never have those hot washboard abs Clark has, but he has always been the family’s source of strength especially during tough and challenging times. I remember during typhoon Ondoy’s wrath, Papa showed resiliency and assured us that we will be fine. I started panicking and crying when I saw flood enter our house and rise in just a matter of minutes, but Papa comforted me even while he was lifting stuff and saving our valuables.

He would patiently wait for me when I get stuck at work late in the evening. While my mother is strict at times, he lets us experience things, go to places we like to explore, so long as we take care of ourselves and come back home safe and sound. I know everyone will agree when I say that when something’s broken or malfunctioning at home, it’s our dads that we always run to. I cannot explain why but fathers have always given me that impression that they can fix everything.

happy father's day, dante castro
The Castro family in a cave in Mindoro during one of our vacations
happy father's day, dante castro
Papa likes adventures and I think he can beat me if we count the number of beaches and tourist spots in the Philippines that he has gone to.
dante castro
Papa and Louie and our doggie baby Crystal on Christmas Day 2011
happy father's day, dante castro
Unica Hija πŸ™‚

And so I’d greet my dad a happy, happy Father’s Day. May God continue to bless you with good health, so you can pursue your passion for traveling, biking, playing badminton and the rest of the sports that you actively participate in (there are quite a few). You are our very own Superman, and as much as I don’t want to admit it, I will always be a daddy’s girl.

happy father's day, dante castro
Happy Father’s Day, Pa!

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