Commuter’s Diary | Entry #1

I don’t drive. My dad said my short legs wouldn’t allow me to do so. I even remember him telling me that he’d just drive for me. Well yeah, he does, but only when we have the same schedule. He usually leaves home first and I only ask him to pick me up when a. It’s past 10pm already and I’m still at work, b. I am in a weird shift (which rarely happens nowadays), or c. It’s raining hard.

Most of the time, I commute to and from work. It’s rather easy because work is just two rides away – a shuttle ride to the gate of the village and an FX ride to Ortigas Center. However, the congested streets of Cainta and Pasig stretch the supposedly 20-30 minute ride to an hour or two. Thank God (sometimes) for the funny, sometimes annoying, sometimes interesting events on my way which make commuting less stressful.

I usually rant about these colorful personalities and adventures on Facebook but decided this morning to share them here in the blogosphere. Here goes my first entry in my commuter’s diary which I’d call the “HongKong Noodles and Ate’s Pimples” episode.

commuter's diary

This was one hilarious experience that I will never forget. It almost happened again a few days ago when the girl standing behind me on the FX queue was eating Hongkong noodles (what is with Hongkong noodles??), too. I kept wishing that she won’t be in the same FX with me because the smell of that food gets so strong when inside a vehicle. Thank God the line was cut after me.

I never had the chance to see Ate and her pimples again, which I think is a good thing. I hope I wouldn’t come across another commuter like her again.


One thought on “Commuter’s Diary | Entry #1

  1. I wish hungry commuters would really think about what kind of food they’d bring in. It could really be a cause of trouble: it could ruin their/someone else’s clothes/stuff or bring physical pain–like what happened after passing the hump.
    Props to the driver though for providing you with a platform.

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