You Know You Are Getting… | Growing Old

Older when you…

…Pass up an invitation to go out on a Friday night.

Yeah, that’s what I did this evening. I initially accepted the invite to go out for a few drinks and for a second videoke night this week. But around 7pm, I noticed that my eyelids were getting heavy. I left a note on my co-TL’s desk that I’ll just head home and we’ll just go out some other time. So here I am in my room, thankful that I made that decision even if the rest of the world are partying at this moment. I’ve yawned for like four times in the past hour.

…Realize that going out on two consecutive nights is simply exhausting.

I don’t think I can still manage to stay up late and party the night away, then do it again the next day. Gone are the days when I go out on a Thursday night (for a brief moment I believed and lived as if “Thursday is the new Friday”), go home in the wee hours of the morning, rush to work with only two hours of sleep, and doll up for another night out on Friday. That’s one tiring activity that I had to let go of. It took a toll on my health and disrupted my body clock.

…Start investing on items that are not just for one-time use.

I am excitedly waiting for a designer bag that I bought and will be delivered next week. I used to buy bags, shoes, and clothes whenever I know that I’ll be attending a party or going out with friends. Most of time, these items are used once or twice then they get lost in my closet forever. But now, almost everything I purchase are for long-term use. Whenever I go to the mall, a great deal of time is devoted to questioning myself: “Do I really need this now?” or “Aren’t two pairs enough?” or “Can I use this at work?” I make sure to get my money’s worth and not just grab something because it’s on sale or I find it cute.

party nights, republiq
No more Republiq nights.

Not that it’s wrong to go out and have fun. Believe me, I’ve been there, I’ve done that. Back in the day, Friday nights were dedicated to drinking with good friends until the sun rises and we start seeing people jogging along the road. My close friends would tease me about my drinking, and how 2/3 of the liquid in my body is alcohol. Weekends were almost always blocked off for gimmicks. Now, I want at least a week’s notice when my friends ask me out for dinner. And when the clock strikes 12 midnight and I’m still out, I miss my bed and start counting how many hours are left for me to rest. My idea of relaxation has slowly transformed to a picture of myself reading a good book, or blogging, or walking my dog around the village. Or literally lying on my bed, letting my body get its much-deserved time off after a long week. I guess on a practical side, staying indoors and not squandering money on impulse shopping or bar hopping have allowed me to save for more important things, like for instance, traveling. Since I’ve discovered my love for exploring places two years ago, I’m glad to have visited four countries and numerous cities using my hard-earned moolah.

travel, macau, st. paul's cathedral, ruins of st. paul's cathedral
Traveling is one of the reasons why I want to save up. Early this year, I was in Macau (The Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral is in the background)

When you’re young, you feel restless, like you have all the time in the world to drink and be merry. I’ve concluded that at 28, I finally have “graduated” from that period in my life. I enjoyed it to the fullest, so no regrets there. Because I have experienced living the life of an energetic, happy-go-lucky teenager and young adult, I’ve now become more appreciative of time – time to rest, re-energize, and prepare for the daily battle that we call life.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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