The Best Katsudon in Town from Yabu: House of Katsu

I am a big lover of Japanese food. My family and closest friends can attest to that, as I can devour sushi, sashimi, and my all-time favorite – Katsudon! And because I am a fan of the rice bowl topped with pork cutlets, egg, and onions, I just had to check out Yabu: House of Katsu. I’ve heard a lot about the Japanese restaurant which now has six branches: SM Megamall, SM Aura, SM Southmall, SM MOA, Robinson’s Magnolia, and SM The Block.

I’ve been in their SM Megamall branch for three times. I have tried their Katsu Curry, Rosu Pork Loin Set, and the latest one, of course their Hire Special Katsudon. For me, three things make their katsu sets extra special and delicious: One, the meat is crispy but tender and braces-friendly; Two, each set comes with a serving of fruit, unlimited cabbage, and miso soup; and Three, there is a special “ceremony” involved in creating the tonkatsu sauce.

As you might have observed, we Filipinos love to dip our food on sauces or condiments. There’s a variety of flavorful sauces to add to your cabbage and katsu sets:

sauces, condiments, yabu house of katsu
Mix your own sauces! My favorite is the sesame sauce which effortlessly makes the cabbage taste good.

Here’s how you prepare your own tonkatsu sauce:

tonkatsu sauce, white and black sesame seeds
1. Grind the white and black sesame seeds. Do it with passion.
yabu, tonkatsu sauce
2. Add tonkatsu sauce. Voila!

My siblings had a fantastic gastronomic experience the last time we had dinner in Yabu. We ordered different sets and each set had its own merits. Yabu serves really juicy meat, and the crumbs they use to coat their katsu do not overwhelm or take over the softness of the pork.

yabu, katsudon
My Hire Special Katsudon set (Php350). There are bacon bits mixed with the rice and that I think set it apart from the other katsudon sets I’ve tried in other Japanese restos.
rosu katsu curry, yabu
Rosu Katsu Curry set (Php375)
katsu curry, louie castro
It was my brother, Louie, who ordered the Katsu curry. Look at that big serving!
seafood katsu set, yabu house of katsu, katrina
Louie’s girlfriend, Kat, craved for seafood so she tried the Seafood Katsu Set 1 (Php485).
cream dory set, yabu house of katsu
The Cream Dory set (Php375) did not disappoint as well. My brother Kevin liked it so much! Oh, did I mention they serve unlimited rice as well? He had like three or four cups of steaming Japanese rice!
yabu house of katsu sm megamall, yabu house of katsu review
Happy tummies. We had to dine in the al fresco area because it was full inside.

In Yabu, you’re sure to get your money’s worth. I am definitely coming back (and will surely try out their desserts next time!) I am really crossing my fingers that they will be able to maintain the great quality of their Japanese food.

Yabu: House of Katsu‘s Megamall branch is located on:

2/F SM Megamall, Julia Vargas Ave. Wack Wack, Mandaluyong

(02) 631-1192

No reservations required.


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