Sunday Entertainment: UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2013

It’s the time of the year again, when UAAP member schools meet in the arena to fight for the cheerdance competition title. It’s also that time when my Facebook friends and myself take to the social networking site to bash each other’s schools and routines. Hey don’t get me wrong. It’s nothing personal. It just makes the competition more exciting, especially when it comes to the rivalry between UST and my alma mater, UP. Both schools have eight championship titles, with UP winning last year’s cheerdance, group stunts, and even the stunner award.

This year, however, was a disappointing one. At least that’s how it is for me. It’s like all participant schools fell short of my expectations, including UP. There were just a lot of glaring errors, the dancers fell three times, and the energy wasn’t just enough despite the “Party, Party” theme. After watching their performance, it occurred to me that we may not achieve the 915 on 9/15 target. Had they won, it would have been UP’s 9th win as champions.

This year’s results were as surprising as UP’s mediocre performance. La Salle’s army-themed routine seemed to impress the judges, enough for them to land on 3rd place:


It was a good thing though, that beyond the lapses of the UP Pep Squad, the judges still appreciated their dance routine. UP bagged the 2nd place award today and 18th win since the UAAP Cheerdance Competition started in 1994:


I think everyone expected this university to be part of the top three. And they sure did. Last year’s 3rd place finish could have been a sign that they are slowly inching their way to the top. This year’s champions, with their Arabian nights inspired performance, is the National University:


I have voiced out my dismay over UP Pep Squad’s performance on Facebook because I honestly looked forward to another exciting and over-the-top routine. Now I am no expert when it comes to cheerdancing, but through the years of watching them they’ve always exceeded everyone’s expectations (most especially their fellow Iskos and Iskas). I still remember that one year when they came out on to the dance area with shaved heads, and another one when they had their hair dyed blonde. Those performances left me speechless and I was 100% sure that they’d emerge as winners.




Still, I feel proud of them in spite of this shortcoming. I am still happy they came out of this year’s competition with the 2nd place trophy in their hands. Why? Because I know how hard it has always been for the members of the pep squad to put together a performance every year. What with the limited subsidy that the government allots for state universities. UP’s meager budget was never enough for us and all of our needs, but the pep squad members have represented us well from the very beginning.

Their creativity and talent have built a reputation for the UP Pep Squad and have always made the school a force to reckon with. When I saw the other schools’ routines, it’s like dejavu, watching a replay of UP’s moves and looks years ago. Now all dancers think that they need to dye their hair with the same color or cut them with the same style. They incorporate the “spell out your school on the floor” routine, and I clearly recall that two schools did just that this afternoon. I cannot blame them though. No matter how many times UP Pep Squad dancers fall to the ground, everyone knows this about us: “Matatapang, matatalino, walang takot, kahit kanino.”



photos from and UP Pep Squad’s Facebook page


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