Random Wednesdays: What’s in the bag?

A girly-girl post for today’s Random Wednesdays!

Hmmm,  the title should have been “What’s in my kikay kit?” I’m sure most girls out there have a vanity kit stashed in their bags. I may not write much about this topic, but my kikay side always gets excited when I talk about beauty and make up. I never rarely leave home without make-up, especially when I’m headed to work. Make-up aids in enhancing my features, but more importantly, it helps me look more mature.

My black vanity kit.
My black vanity kit.
Sneak peek!
Sneak peek!

Over the past few years of being a corporate slave girl, I have tried and tested various brands, bought some pricey ones but also saved up by looking for affordable but great finds through beauty reviews. My vanity kit has the basic make up products that I need to help me achieve a subdued, almost natural look, though at times I like to experiment and be a bit more adventurous. I have been faithful to several products but discovered new ones that will surely be used for a long time.

Make-up base:

estee lauder, estee lauder stay in place make up

Estee Lauder Stay In Place Make Up in Pale Almond (Php1,900) – I use this as my base or foundation. It’s lightweight, non greasy, and really ensures that the rest of the make-up I apply stays in place! I have tried a couple of instances not to touch up the entire day. It works well with the loose powder and blusher that I am currently using. It also gets plus points for protecting the skin from the sun!


For my brows, I have two new products which I’m loving so far.

mac brow set, avon perfect eyebrow pencil dark brown, mac brow set beguile

I use Avon Perfect Eye Brow Pencil in Dark Brown (Php250) to draw lines and shape my brows. It’s easy to use and also comes with a brush. To shade or fill in the sparse areas (I have thin brows), I use Mac Brow Set in Beguile (Php950). Both these products match my hair color, too!

Next, I apply eye shadow. I normally use browns or nudes for day make up. My current favorite is:

christian dior eye shadow

This Christian Dior 5-color eye shadow palette (Php2640) has the perfect shade of brown that I like. It’s a bit shimmery though, so it lends a sparkly, youthful look to my eye make up. I use the white shade as a highlighter for my brow bone.

Eyeliners are also part of my kikay kit. A few months ago I started using:

bare escentuals bare minerals in black diamond and black gold, bare escentuals bare minerals in black diamond and black gold eyeliner

I bought these Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Big and Bright eyeliner trio (around Php660) because I found them cute. The third color’s blue. I use the black one for my eyelids and the brown one for my lower lash line. I like that they’re retractable and easy to apply, although they smudge a bit easily when I get teary-eyed (yes I am a crybaby and sometimes I cry while laughing).

I’ve been a loyal user of these mascara brands for about a year now:

k-palette mascara, prestige biggest lashes, mascara

Putting on mascara completes my eye make up. I apply two to three coatings of K-Palette 1 Day Lash Perm Mascara (Php 895) and Prestige Biggest Lashes (Php450), both in black and both available in The Beauty Bar. My favorite mascara brand is Lancome’s Hypnose, but these babies are treasures and can be used daily without hurting your wallet.


I have been searching for the perfect blusher to use on my morena skin, and I think I’ve successfully found it. I especially favor Christian Dior’s blusher, but I needed something that I can use everyday without breaking the bank. I came across these gorgeous blushers with colors that are really close to my favorite:

in2it blush, in2it blush review, mac sheertone shimmer honour

I was about to try the blusher from Essence, but I saw in2it’s stall and was impressed by in2it Waterproof Blush in Charisma (Php375). This blush duo, when blended, creates a natural looking cheek color and its being waterproof has been tried and tested when I walked under the rain! It doesn’t make me look like a clown with a mass of brown powder on my cheeks. I top it off with MAC Sheertone Shimmer in Honour (around Php660). I find the combination nice because of the silky finish and peachy-pinky glow it radiates.


I know lipstick lovers out there will find this confession a big no-no: I usually leave the house without lipstick. I normally leave it out of my morning make up routine… and I honestly got used to it despite my pale and chapped lips which don’t go along well with the rest of my made-up face. But when I get to the office and finish my first cup of coffee, I head to the washroom and add a pop of color to my lips:

ELF MATTE LIP COLOR, kohl kajal ip liner in terra cotA

I prepare an “outline” first by using Jordana Kohl Kajal lip liner in Terra Cota (around Php300), then I apply a thin layer of Elf Matte Lip Color in Coral (Php200). I think this step was born out of habit because I feel like the lipstick’s going to come off in a few hours if I put it on directly. After which, I choose from the lipstick shades in my bag. I usually carry three shades with me and right now, I have:

max factor lipstick, loreal color riche serum, avon ultra rich lipstick

These shades are ideal for my skin tone. I am not a big fan of red or Barbie-pink shades so I have been using these for quite some time now. Depending on my mood, I choose Max Factor in Pomegranate (around Php500), or Loreal Color Riche Serum in Radiant Rose (around Php440), or Avon Ultra Color Rich in Sumptuous Cerise (Php300). These lipstick shades are not too bright, which gives me that assurance that I don’t walk around the office looking like Nicki Minaj. I favor Loreal most of the time over the other two because it’s long lasting and doesn’t dry my lips.


One of the most important steps in my routine is finishing off with loose powder and highlighter:

fashion 21 loose powder, avon face pearls

I have been using Fashion 21 Loose Powder in Shade #1 (Php175) for about a year now. I am a big fan of this powder! It helps keep oily face at bay, and it’s unbelievably inexpensive. I have to transfer it to a smaller container though because I don’t want to bring along the whole pot, which by the way lasts for a month or two. Meanwhile, Avon’s Face Pearls (Php499) serves as a highlighter that I dust over my nose bridge and on my cheekbones. Like the loose powder, I bring some with me in a small container. I have waited for this product to be available for about two months because apparently, it’s a best seller in Avon (it’s made in England, if I remember the text on the box correctly).


I feel like a painter when doing my make up. Like a real artist, I use brushes as my tools to apply most of the make up on my face. I have a MAC brush set, but I don’t carry the entire thing with me. I bring the frequently utilized ones:

mac brushes, kabuki brush

I have two brushes from the set which I use to apply eye shadow and blusher. The kabuki brush is for my loose powder.

It takes me about 20 to 30 minutes to complete my morning make up routine with these items. Most of these are available in Watson’s, The Beauty Bar, or Rustan’s, while some of them I purchased online.

Apart from these favorite items, I never leave the house without positive thoughts and confidence. A made-up face and a bright outlook in life make me feel beautiful inside and out.

What about you, what’s in your vanity kit? 🙂


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