Three Girls at Tamarind: Taste of Thai

Wandering in the mall while looking for the perfect something, laughing, and people-watching and bashing can get really exhausting.

This led us, three girls in SM Aura Premier, to the 5th floor where the Sky Park is located to look for a resto. We were already hungry but didn’t have the slightest idea what we really wanted to eat. Lugang Cafe and Coca restaurants were crossed out from the list because we just had Chinese food overload the other day (Shi Lin’s XLB is the best!). We ended up in Tamarind: Taste of Thai. Crossing our fingers that we’ll be served good food, we stepped inside and was welcomed to the cozy Thai restaurant.

tamarind, tamarind taste of thai
Tamarind is apparently a level-up “version” of Jatujak.

2013-09-21 19.13.55

2013-09-21 19.17.48


Did I mention we were starving? We ordered food good for five to six people, hehe.



For our appetizer, we had Tom Yum Mixed Seafood Soup. It was spicy, which was a no-no for me because of my allergies, but I liked it. It had mussels, slices of milkfish (or catfish), shrimps, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, ginger, and leeks. I had the sniffles after finishing my bowl but was satisfied with the spicy-sour taste of the soup.

tom yum
Hot bowl of Tom Yum as appetizer


A visit to a Thai resto would be incomplete without getting Pad Thai. Jhena wanted chicken, so we got one platter of the stir-fried noodle dish. This one’s better, not too sweet compared to what’s served in other Thai restaurants.

chicken pad thai
Chicken Pad Thai


Now this one’s my ultimate favorite (I like anything with bagoong). This was what actually caught my attention on the menu outside the resto, and I knew I just had to taste it. Apparently Jhena was also staring at it on the menu, and Jackie agreed that it looks delish. There were chunks of pork smothered with sweet shrimp paste, green mangoes, and slices of scrambled egg on the side. It was yummy although lacking a bit on saltiness, maybe another spoonful ofΒ bagoong was needed, but overall it was tasty. Next time I think I can finish a whole plate.

bagoong rice at tamarind
Bagoong rice


For our viands, Jhena chose Red Curry Beef then we also got Spicy Prawns for Jackie because she loves seafood. Both dishes also satisfied our hunger and met our standards. Not that we are pros on food tasting, but of course you’d know when something’s wrong with a dish, right? The sauces didn’t have that overpowering sweet taste, and the spices made them more flavorful. I especially liked the Red Curry dish because the beef was tender and easy to chew. We requested for the dish to be mildly spicy only for my benefit, but you can have them add more spices and chili depending on your preference. I can also give a thumbs up for the prawns, but I wish the serving was bigger.

Red Curry Beef
Red Curry Beef
Spicy Prawns
Spicy Prawns


You’ll know that we’re enjoying the food when we fall silent, and you only hear the scraping of utensils on plates and moving of dishes around the table. We weren’t talking for a good ten minutes because we were relishing the Thai dishes on our plates. Observing other diners, we noticed that a pot of steaming hot Tom Yum was on every table. We assumed that it’s their best seller, as well as their Thai Spring Rolls. We were just too full to try the rolls and to even order the famous Thai Milk Tea. Maybe next time.

The aftermath.
The aftermath.


Service was okay, and it took about ten minutes before they started to serve the food. The staff was courteous and kept filling our glasses with water whenever they see that they’re empty. However, when more customers came in, we had to call the waiter a couple of times before we were able to get our bill. The restaurant kind of looks understaffed when it’s full. Nonetheless, we emerged from Tamarind with happy tummies, spending only Php500 each (total bill was Php1,522 including 5% service charge). They serve good and affordable Thai food, and I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends.


Tamarind: Taste of Thai is located on the 5th floor Sky Park, SM Aura Premier, C5 Road cor. 26th St. Bonifacio Global City.




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