Tuesday usually passes by without anything special or exciting. Today was different though.

We had a bingo game at work today. Apart from breaking the monotony of our routines, it was held for a special cause. We will be sponsoring a field trip for SPED students in a public school. I’m as excited as the kids to go to Manila Ocean Park this coming Saturday, October 5. I’m really proud of our department for coming up with these CSR projects.

So back to the bingo game. I’m never lucky with raffle draws or games. My boss asked me to join the blackout game using one of the cards that he purchased and to my surprise, I won!


The winning bingo card
The winning bingo card


My boss concluded: “Ang taong malas sa pag-ibig, swerte sa bingo!” Everyone in the office poked fun at me. Thank you, guys!Β (Bullying is normal in the team. But now that I think about it, I believe that I am lucky in love.Β Ich bin immer in der Liebe. πŸ™‚Β )

Another thing that put a smile on my face this afternoon was this video from YouTube. If you’re a Twitter or Instagram user, you surely know what a hashtag is for. It’s like every image and every happening can be described or expressed in words preceded by a #hashtag. This hilarious video featuring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake made me laugh out loud:


Oh, and one more thing. Today’s October 1, the first day of my birthday month! Nineteen days to go! Yay! #excited #LOL #itsmybirthdaysoon #turning28 #okaybyefornow



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