Honest-to-goodness Filipino Dishes at Recipes

Last Sunday, the family went out for a simple dinner in Greenbelt 3. I have been craving for Gising-gising and General’s Chicken for quite some time, so I suggested that we celebrate my dad’s birthday in Recipes by Cafe Metro. It’s one of my favorite restaurants which serves Filipino and Asian dishes in an uncomplicated way.


It wasn't jam-packed that Sunday night, but on the other times that I came here, we had to wait for seats.
It wasn’t jam-packed that Sunday night, but in my previous visits we had to wait for seats.

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Why did I say uncomplicated? They don’t really add a lot of garnishing or embellishments to make their dishes look fancy. In fact, the plating of most dishes is so simple that they look like they came out of a normal household kitchen. And for me, the simpler the dish looks, the more I find it appealing and appetizing.

My parents let us choose what to order from the menu since it’s their first time to dine here. I have a couple of favorites already, and these also happen to be Recipes’ bestsellers.

gising gising, recipes
Gising-gising – Php175

A visit to Recipes will not be complete without ordering Gising-gising (chopped green beans and ground pork in coconut milk). I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am not a big fan of spicy food, but this one’s not too spicy for my taste.  My parents liked it, too. It goes well with my next favorite dish in Recipes which is…


General's Chicken, recipes by cafe metro
General’s Chicken – Php218

For our meat entree, we ordered General’s Chicken. I’ve never seen any dish like it – chicken glazed in a sweet sauce with eggplant slices. Its sweet-salty taste is balanced and complements the spiciness of Gising-gising. The chicken is chewy and the eggplant is cooked perfectly.


Another bestseller from Recipes is their Crispy Tilapia:

Crispy Tilapia, recipes
Crispy Tilapia – Php218

The simplicity of this dish is what makes it another one of my must-orders when I visit the restaurant. Nothing special is really added to the fish, but I just like the way the fish is sliced and fried until it’s crispy brown. It comes with soy sauce with onions for dipping. It also goes well with Gising-gising.


My dad requested for this upon checking out the menu:

Crispy Tadyang, recipes
Crispy Tadyang – Php258

It’s the first time I’ve tasted this beef dish, and I also found it palatable. The beef was really soft and tender, and you wouldn’t need sauce or dip as it is already tasty.


We’ve got vegetables, fish, and beef. For our pork entree, we chose another favorite dish of mine:

Lechon Kawali with Kangkong, recipes
Lechon Kawali with Kangkong – Php218

The famous deep fried pork dish was modified by Recipes by adding kangkong leaves and soy sauce. This dish was braces-friendly and didn’t give me and my brother a hard time chewing it. I ate a lot of it because the soy sauce and veggies have helped in eliminating the “umay” that pork fat usually leaves in the mouth.


Of course a dinner isn’t complete without a bowl of steaming hot rice. If you know me well, you’d guess what variant of rice I pointed on the menu. Two bowls of Bagoong rice for the win!

Bagoong rice, recipes
Bagoong rice – Php118

I am pretty sure I ate more than two cups of rice that night. The salty taste from the shrimp paste wasn’t overwhelming. This bowl is supposed to be good for two, but I think there are three to three and a half cups of rice in it.


For drinks, everyone got bottomless iced tea except for my mom who ordered green mango shake:

Green Mango Shake – Php85 and Bottomless Iced Tea – Php65


Service in Recipes is also satisfactory. We had to wait for just about ten minutes for our food to be served by their courteous waitstaff. For a good fifteen minutes we were all silent, devouring the contents of our plate. We were all hungry after a looooong day (I came from a visit to the zoo with high school friends and an appointment with Crystal’s vet), so dinner went by pretty fast. It was casual and really enjoyable. What’s more, Recipes’ dishes are pocket-friendly, with a meal good for six ravenous people costing only around Php2000. It just goes to show that the whole family and a few good Filipino dishes are all that’s needed for a fun and satisfying dinner.


Recipes by Cafe Metro is located on the 2nd floor of Greenbelt 3, Makati City. They also have branches in Shangri-La Mall, Trinoma, Robinsons Place Manila, Eastwood Mall, and Alabang Town Center.




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