Babies’ Day Out at Animal Care Specialists Vet Clinic

We have a new baby! Well, a new dog, that is.

Ladies and gents, meet the latest addition to our family: Andy!


Andy is a male Shih Tzu, one month old, uber adorable, and very active. It’s not obvious in this picture, huh? It was his first day with our family when this picture was taken. He was given to us by my mom’s friend.

As some of you might remember, my first ever pet dog’s name is Andi. We named the new dog in her memory, and also because I really like that name. It’s perfect for our new baby.

We brought him and of course, Crystal, to the vet two weekends ago. Crystal was scheduled for her deworming and rabies vaccine, while Andy will be dewormed for the first time. We brought them to Crystal’s veterinarian for more than two years now, Animal Care Specialists in Tiendesitas.

I’ve written about a bad experience with Andi’s vet before she died. I never want to see and set foot on Ole Veterinary Clinic again after what happened. It’s a good thing that Animal Care Specialists has been the Vilar family’s vet (Crystal was given to us by our friends, the Vilars), so we brought Andy there as well. It’s in the middle of the grooming stalls in the Pet Village in Tiendesitas.

Animal Care Specialists
Animal Care Specialists Vet Clinic is in Stalls 16-17 (from

Animal Care Specialists

Since it’s the only vet clinic in the pet village, there was a queue when we arrived.

Animal Care Specialists, crystal, shih tzu
Waiting for our turn

The receptionist got Andy’s details so they can be entered in their system. There were two veterinarians on duty, so we didn’t have to wait long. Once it was their turn, the vet weighed Crystal and Andy.

Animal Care Specialists
Andy weighs 1.28 kilograms.

There are two cubicles for the two vets, so they can attend to the pet patients more efficiently. Crystal and Andy were placed on the table while the vet prepared the vaccine and deworming tablets.

Animal Care Specialists
This monitor in front of the cubicles allow the vets to easily check the records of the pet patients.
Animal Care Specialists, shih tzu
Our babies waiting for their vaccine and tablets.
Animal Care Specialists
Hmmm. They’re not friends, not yet.

After administering the vaccine and deworming tablets, the vet (sorry I forgot her name!) advised us what to do since Andy has the sniffles. She prescribed antibiotics for the colds, and scheduled Andy’s next visit for his 5-in-1 vaccine. Crystal’s next vaccines are scheduled for 2014.

Consultation fee ranges from 300php to 400php, while the vaccines and deworming tablets are also reasonably priced (rabies vaccine for 250php and deworming for 200php). Apart from vaccines and tablets, they also recommend and sell food, treatments for fleas and ticks as well as other vitamins for your pets.

Animal Care Specialists

Animal Care Specialists

The veterinarians and even their assistants are very accommodating, and they even remember your pets’ names after a few visits! They make sure that the place is clean and sanitized, and that the pets are given the attention that they need. An important tip that we’ve learned from one of the vets, Doc Christian, is for us to bring the dogs for a quick visit whenever we’re in Tiendesitas. They won’t make us pay any fee, but this is their way to help our pets become accustomed to being brought in whether for a vaccination or routine check-up. We’ve noticed that during our first few visits, Crystal became agitated and nervous. Now, she’s improving and feeling a bit more at ease whenever we go to the clinic. We’ll do the same with Andy.

I also appreciate that in the very few times when Crystal was ill, they prescribed the right meds and she recovered fully within a short time. I’m looking forward to bringing our new baby Andy to the vet clinic to ensure that he’ll be as healthy and happy as Crystal.

Animal Care Specialists Vet Clinic is located in Stalls 16-17, Pet Village of Tiendesitas Complex, C5 Rd. Pasig City. You can contact them at 635-6895.


2 thoughts on “Babies’ Day Out at Animal Care Specialists Vet Clinic

  1. The Dog was so cute. I really like Shih Tzu. Anyway I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your dog Andi. The name was really nice, good thing you name the puppy 2nd to your dog. Thanks for sharing this article.

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