Flashback Friday: Movie Soundtracks

It was Flashback Friday – movie soundtracks edition during our usual Friday breakfast at our favorite spot, Archipelago 7107. Jhena and I have been spending our Friday mornings for the past three or four weeks at the resto in El Pueblo, enjoying their breakfast offerings. Yet yesterday was made extra fun because of the music they were playing. Movie soundtracks were our background as we finished our plates of Tapsilog and Hamsilog.


We didn’t know at first that they were playing songs off of movies in the early 2000s and late 1990s. We heard this song first, and I even said, “WTF are they playing?” It was the song She by Elvis Costello. Later on I figured that it is a song from Notting Hill’s soundtrack:


The next song was upbeat, and I instantly visualized Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu. Yep, Charlie’s Angels. Destiny’s Child, Independent Women Part 1:


A bench in the park. One of the famous members of the boy band, Boyzone. I’m sure most of you will guess this right. When You Say Nothing at All by Ronan Keating. I initially thought My Best Friend’s Wedding but recalled that it was another song in the 1999 movie starring Julie Roberts and Hugh Grant, Notting Hill:


The fourth song started it though: we were cracking up in between spoonfuls of fried rice because of Pure Shores by All Saints. A few weeks ago, at the same resto over breakfast, we were talking about Leonardo di Caprio’s movies. One of his movies that we agreed that wasn’t as intellectually-stimulating as Inception and Shutter Island was The Beach. But what gave me fits of laughter (and a headache, just kidding Jhena) was my breakfast mate’s singing voice. Hahaha. Jhena would wait for the line “Take me to the beach” which I honestly did not even consider as a part of the lyrics. She waited and repeated it every single time and I wanted to fall off my chair in bursts of laughter. If you can hear her sing, you’d understand this reaction. Nonetheless, we both agreed that Pure Shores is a nice song and made a mental note that it shall be part of our to-sing-in-the-videoke playlist:

Because Jhena had so much fun singing and annoying me, she requested for the song to be played again. And the waitstaff, since he has recognized that we are regular Friday morning customers, gladly replayed the song. And Jhena sang again. And I got the throbbing in my head again. LOL. And then the waitstaff, towards the end of the song, walked towards the console and pressed another button and gave us another four minutes laughing and singing while Jhena was crooning “Take me to the beach…” God, I have the weirdest friends.


Next song: U2’s Elevation. I really like U2. But I wasn’t able to recall which movie had Elevation as its soundtrack. After checking the video on YouTube, I found out that it was part of Angelina Jolie’s hit movie, Tomb Raider:


We were almost done with our breakfast when we heard the intro. A few minutes into the song, Jhena recalled that it was part of the Romeo and Juliet movie, which starred Leonardo di Caprio and Claire Danes. And before I even realized it, Jhena was singing “Love me, love me” with matching dance steps: arms crossed in front her, hands flapping on her chest, her shoulders slightly swaying. I therefore conclude that I have the craziest friends. Lovefool by The Cardigans, ladies and gentlemen, was the last song in our Flashback Friday:


Before we left the resto, Jhena requested the waitstaff to play the album again when we come back. I like watching movies, and my friends and I love hogging the microphone during our videoke nights. It was a great way to start the day laughing and hearing Jhena’s fantastic singing voice (and when she reads this I’m sure she’ll conclude that I am such a sarcastic friend) and trying to guess the movies behind those songs. It actually gave me an idea for a game for our Christmas Party. 🙂

Hope everyone had a great Friday! Oh, enjoy your (long) weekend!




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