Hooray for Friday!

Just when I thought that I won’t survive the week, here I am chilling at home on a Friday night! It was a looooong week indeed and now that I’m enjoying a movie while lounging on the couch, the feeling is oh-so-relieving. This week was one of the busiest I’ve ever had at work, what with all those one-on-one sessions with my staff, meetings here and there, even personal errands to finish. I want to stop complaining though and just look back at all the good things that I should be thankful for. They may be trivial for others, but hey, it’s those little things that always help me get by.

1. I had a chance to listen to my team’s aspirations and it makes me want to be a better leader so I can help and see them grow.
2. I was still able to squeeze in a quick but fun drinking session last Tuesday and came home to my favorite sinigang na bangus belly!
3. I shared a few laughs with my teammates over our discussion of “pano ang tamang pagkain ng xiao long bao.”
4. Finally got our internet service back after two weeks of waiting for Globe’s “service upgrade.”
5. I had Chashu Don from Shitamachi (should write a blog about this new Japanese resto soon) with… *drum roll please* …my “twin” sister Jhena (per manong guard’s observation) who’s back from her long leave!
6. I celebrated my first year with my new department! ❀

A great reminder that we should keep in mind when we're stressed out:


Happy Friday! πŸ˜€


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