Something to Watch Out For: Starting Over Again

Watching Tagalog movies is one of my not-so-secret guilty pleasures. I’ll never forget how One More Chance started it all, and because of that movie (and the heartbreaking lines) I became a big John Lloyd – Bea fan.

But when my friend told me about Starting Over Again, an upcoming Tagalog rom-com movie starring Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga, I just had to check out the trailer even if I was half-asleep, half shivering from the cold air this morning. After watching it (and realizing that I kinda miss seeing Piolo in a movie house and that I need to watch Don’t Give Up On Us again), I knew right away that it’s a must-see movie. The trailer is already trending on Facebook but yeah, I’m still going to share it here. I guess Piolo got me at “I deserved an explanation.”

The teaser left me really impressed, and I’m sure it will be a big box office hit on Valentine’s Day. It’s a date on February 12, yes?

Speaking of starting over again, another week is just about to begin. It feels good to have two days respite from the jungle out there aka work, but I am also excited because for me it’s going to be a four day work week. On Friday I’ll be up north, savoring the fresh, cool air from the mountains. Here in the east it sure is cold especially early in the morning, making it a struggle to get up from bed, and up there temperatures have been recorded to reach 8 degrees. Weeee! I’m packing my jackets and sweaters for my first vacay for 2014.

Hope y’all enjoyed your weekend! Let’s start the coming week with hopeful smiles and positive thoughts. πŸ™‚


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