Small Things, Big Stress

Ola! I sooo missed writing but just to set your expectations – this article will be full of rants about the small things (or maybe not) that stress me out big time. I came across this discussion on the Thought Bubble on RX93.1 on my way home from work this evening, where the DJs asked their listeners to tweet the most trivial things that annoy them big time. Some of the entries were funny but true, like a hair strand on their food, chipped polish on newly-painted nails, or a lost pen. I would’ve tweeted mascara smudges on my eyelid after putting finishing touches of make up, white flecks on a black shirt, or an itch somewhere in my body that I cannot locate. Please tell me that you have also experienced that.

I was kinda inspired by the list, given that my workweek has been busy and stressful as it is, add to that my own list of stressors that has almost pushed me to the verge of insanity. Heeee, come to think of it, I am already one crazy girl.

Small Thing, Big Stressor #1:

crashing computer, slow computer, stressor, pinkpensandhighheels
I almost cried after seeing Excel crash. Ugh. (Image grabbed from Google)

My slooooow computer. My BP is forever low at 90/60, but I may have just found the way to make it 150/120. My computer at work has been acting up lately, with Excel crashing about six times while I was working on a very important report, Outlook loading for eternity but never opening at all, and the Internet Explorer browser taking years just to open one freaking website that I needed to check. The result: me hurling expletives at the monitor, throwing stuff around, banging my poor, injured mouse, and my teammates looking at me, scared and weirded out at the same time. A slow computer is one of my biggest pet peeves (now I’m wondering why I even bothered calling it SMALL thing), and my office mates who have seen me in front of an unresponsive computer may have just witnessed how I transform from one bubbly employee to a harassed potty mouth.

Small Thing, Big Stressor #2:

traffic, traffic jam, stressor, pinkpensandhighheels
Traffic jam, when you’re already late… Nooninooninoo… (Image grabbed from Google)

Erratic traffic. I have a flexible work schedule which allows me to wake up at around 8 in the morning without an urgent need to rush to work, unless I have meetings or reports to send. Nonetheless, I always clock in before 10am so I can leave at 6pm on the dot. But lately, traffic has been really bad and utterly unpredictable. The usual 30-40 minute ride to work stretches to an hour or sometimes even 90 minutes, and it makes me feel that I am wasting half of my life in traffic jams when I could be at work already. Going home, it’s the same tragic story. When I leave work around 6:30pm, the streets have somewhat turned into parking lots, with drivers relentlessly honking horns here and there, motorcycles appearing from nowhere. I plan out the rest of my evening during the ride, imagining myself at home playing with our dogs, enjoying my supper in front of the TV, or lounging on my bed with a good book in hand. But the damn traffic flow stresses me out as I spend an hour in a cramped FX, left with no choice but to endure people like my Stressor #3…

Small Thing, Big Stressor #3:

Passengers like this guy beside me in the FX the other day who earned my wrath by the way he sat – legs splayed across the seat like a boss. Grrrr. I was ranting about it on Facebook and here’s what some of my friends had to say:

commuter diaries, pinkpensandhighheels
Kuya may baon na akong king crab for our next encounter!

Maybe instead of a crab I can use a taser gun.
I dunno why I get so lucky at times with my fellow FX passengers. I’ve written about this hilarious encounter with this girl who ate Hongkong noodles inside the FX and up until now, when I see someone eating a bowl of those smelly noodles I feel traumatized. LOL.

I know, I know. There are so many things to be happy about, but there are just these insignificant things, happenings, and people that get the best of me. I just needed to voice them out, though I’m not really sure if I can ever get rid of them. That’s life.

I deserve a looooong, peaceful weekend.

P.S. Psyching myself up to stop stressing out – it’s Friday finally!


8 thoughts on “Small Things, Big Stress

  1. Traffic is a big stressor for me too. I am giving up day shift for smoother traffic at night and when I go home. We can’t really have all the best things in life. o_O

  2. 1. When you’ve just composed a long and very detailed email without saving it and Outlook crashes, and already knowing that your Outlook has a consistent history of crashing! (argh, waah, drives me totally insane!)

    2. When the heel of your shoe gets stuck in between cobblestone gaps/ holes on the road/ street and you take the next step only to feel your shoe has slipped off your foot.

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