Dogs eating with human hands on a manic Monday

Another manic Monday it was – with Outlook crashing, issues sprouting here and there, decisions waiting to be made. It did not help that I was increasingly worrying about the missing plane from Malaysia, still suffering from sore muscles after this morning’s workout, and generally stressing about the coming week and even the next one because I will be one busy bee.

I logged on to my Facebook account this afternoon to take my mind off of work for a few minutes, then I saw this video shared by my brother.

I was cracking up like crazy (but was at work so I tried to keep a straight face a few seconds into the video) but this dog, the sweater, the human hands, and even the way the person taking the video shrieked and laughed just made it utterly hard for me.

When I got home, I searched for videos similar to this on YouTube and found out that there are more. All I did was laugh out loud until my sides hurt while watching these adorable dogs by the dinner table.

I swear, I could watch all these dogs-wearing-sweatshirts-eating-with-human-hands videos all day until I run out of breath and fall on the floor. These dogs just made my Monday and the rest of my hectic week.


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