Emma Stone and JGL Lip Sync with Jimmy Fallon for the Win!

Okay. I can now say that all the stress from three days of working non-stop (and eating lunch in front of my station) have disappeared in a snap. Because of my two favorite Hollywood actors in the world! Nope, they didn’t come over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, as that remains and would probably remain a dream. They battled it out with Jimmy Fallon in The Tonight Show starring well, Jimmy Fallon, in probably the most amazing, hilarious, and cutest lip sync battle that I’ve ever seen. The world was truly entertained and obviously, everyone just can’t stop watching the video on Youtube!

1. The star in my forever favorite Hollywood movie 500 Days of Summer lip syncs Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass – wearing a tie, with his game face on. I love you, Joseph Gordon Levitt!

2. This girl – her bangs, her smile, her charming face… Need I say more? My girl crush! And she just defeated Jimmy Fallon by lip syncing All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled. Emma Stone, YOU.ARE.AMAZING. I hope you know that.

I’d be the happiest person if these two lovable creatures challenge each other in a lip sync battle. Thank you for making my day (and my whole week) a whole lot better. ❀


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