Eat and Run: Cafe 1771 and the AmCham Scholar Run 2014

Well, it should’ve been Run and Eat.

I did my first 5k run this year, 11th of May at the American Chamber of Commerce Scholar Run 2014 in BGC. I haven’t joined any marathons for the past year but what made me sign up for this run was the fact that the proceeds will be used by the AmCham Foundation Scholarship Program to send less fortunate kids to school.

I got my singlet a day prior to the run, but I was hesitating the night before because I was out late for a movie and dinner. I got home at around 2am, and I knew that I barely have time to sleep and re-energize. But as the alarm went off, I dragged myself out of bed and grabbed a cold can of coffee, resolving to finish the 5k run whatever happens. Na-late pa kami ng five minutes! I had to rush and wear the singlet on top of my tee, hastily attaching my race bib in front, and started running-walking-running while convincing myself that this is a good warm-up for my first major climb the following weekend.

I was surprised and pleased with myself for covering the distance in 40 minutes with only two hours of sleep. Yay! Hahaha. Sorry naman, I’m just really proud of myself because I was setting my own expectations, promising my matakaw self that I will order an extra cup of rice if I finish the run in an hour and a half. And yes I did that with my teammates after the run. LOL.

amcham scholar run 2014, amcham run for a scholar, 5k marathon
Run Patty, run! Photo courtesy of Tara RUNah




amcham scholar run 2014, amcham run for a scholar, 5k marathon

After a good run, of course I deserve a treat! It was my first time to try eating out at Cafe 1771 (formerly Chateau 1771) in El Pueblo, Ortigas. Funny because ilang tumbling lang ang work ko from the area. I have been to Sidebar though a number of times, but I never thought of dropping by Cafe 1771 which was right beside it.

We didn’t get the chance to check the lounge area which, from the outside, looks like an elegant library. We were seated in the area they call Whimsy, which is brightly lit with blue and white themed furniture. The desserts displayed at the counter all looked yummy and enticing! I loved the peaceful yet cheery vibe that I felt as I browsed through the menu and chose what to nomnom.


cafe 1771, cafe 1771 review, cafe 1771 el pueblo

We sampled their Fried Squash Flowers (Php280) for our appetizer, and believe me when I say that this dish was really delish! It was kind of weird at first, having to eat squash flowers with anchovies and kesong puti coated with light batter, but as I chewed slowly, it dawned on me how yummy and unique the dish was. I could finish one whole serving of this appetizer, at mabibitin pa ako! There was some red sauce at the bottom though I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be sweet or chili.

cafe 1771, cafe 1771 review, cafe 1771 el pueblo

And because the menu says that it’s Cafe 1771 Special, we ordered their Eggs Benedict – Classic with Homemade Ham. The dish didn’t disappoint as well, and I felt really full and satisfied as I finished the dish. I seriously am wondering what they put in the hollandaise sauce because it was really tasty.

cafe 1771, cafe 1771 review, cafe 1771 el pueblo

Despite having full tummies, we weren’t able to resist an offering of the Monroe Bread Pudding (Php250). It was luscious and not too sweet, and like the squash flowers I could’ve consumed one whole serving of this dessert by myself!

cafe 1771, cafe 1771 review, cafe 1771 el pueblo, bread pudding

Because I had such an energizing morning at the Scholar Run and a filling lunch at Cafe 1771, my sore legs didn’t bother me that much (and my tummy still had space for a bowl of Ikkorya Fukuoka Ramen that night).

If you’re interested to be a part of the AmCham Scholarship Foundation Program and their other events, check out their website:

Cafe 1771 is located in El Pueblo Real de Manila, Dona Julia Vargas Ave. Pasig City.


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