Happy Tummy = Happy Patty

And I’m baaaaaack!

After a month-long hiatus, I am soooo back in the blogosphere. I was out of the loop for quite some time, extremely occupied with work, personal schintz, and weekly nights out at Frankie’s where my friends devour dozens of buffalo wings while I chug down bottles of beer. LOL. Regressing to my early 20’s when I used to drink and party until maabutan na ng mga nagja-jogging sa umaga? Maybe. 🙂

Speaking of weekly nights out, I have been spending the last few weeks making rounds of holes-in-the-wall or restos or bars that I see on social media or hear from my friends. Yes, I am dieting I am trying to eat healthy and maintain my 40-something-kilogram-body, so I can run faster during marathons. But once in while I go out, and apart from consuming a bucket of beer while my great friends laugh at my jokes and leave two pieces of chicken for me at my new favorite spot Frankie’s (yes I know I said this earlier), I have discovered a few new go-to places for yummy nomnoms.


1. Subspace Coffeehouse in Ortigas

Ilang tumbling lang ‘to from my office! This cool and cozy coffee place specializes in coffee (duh) art and teas and serves yummy pastries. If you just want to chill and hang out with your friends on a Friday night, yung tipong makakapag-emo at usap kayo about what’s going on in your lives without those blasting speakers, clingy guys who suddenly dance or grind behind you or walang mga nagre-review na maiistorbo (you know what I mean), then head on over to this coffee place in Emerald Tower.

Must try – their Purple Potato Latte! Yay!

subspace coffee ortigas, subspace coffeehouse
Purple Potato Latte FTW! The designs are just so adorbs.


Desserts and drinks overload:


subspace coffeehouse, subspace coffee ortigas

subspace coffeehouse, subspace coffee ortigas

subspace coffeehouse, subspace coffee, subspace coffee ortigas

subspace coffee, subspace coffeehouse ortigas

Cool interior:

subspace coffee, subspace coffeehouse ortigas

subspace coffee, subspace coffeehouse ortigas

subspace coffeehouse ortigas

subspace coffeehouse, subspace coffee ortigas


2. Argos Minibar in Makati Avenue

My friend Cindy and I found ourselves on P. Burgos St. one Friday night, after a whole week of stress-eating at work. I must admit, at first I got scared because of the crowd on the street pero harmless naman pala sila. People-watching was made more fun after they served us our Greek food (my third fave next to Jap and Italian). Don’t miss out – make sure you drop by this little haven of Mediterranean food when you’re in the area.

Must try – their Moussaka and Sarma Dolma!

argos minibar, argos makati
Greek food overload! Moussaka and Sarma Dolma, love love!


Lovin’ the walls and lights and pieces of furniture in Argos:

argos minibar

argos minibar

argos minibar

argos minibar


3. Kanto Freestyle Breakfast in Kapitolyo

I’m pretty sure of two things – either you’ve been here or you’ve heard about this eatery. I have been to Kanto Freestyle a number of times, and I will definitely come back and make sure I’ve tried everything on their menu. Hey, who wouldn’t want to eat at a hole-in-a-wall which offers gourmet breakfast at an affordable price? Brought my friends and my folks here – and both groups loved it. Medyo need lang ng patience because the lines can get long and it may take a few minutes to be seated kahit 11pm na, and also the food can take about 30 minutes to be served. I’m a hundred percent sure that my teammates and I will be regular fixtures in this place come November or December when we move to Capitol Commons, tatlong kembot lang from there!

Must try (and my ultimate favorite combo) – Tuyo Flakes and Kesong Puti Kanto Boy Breakfast plus extra rice and extra tomato pesto and extra bacon! All for Php120. Bow.

kanto freestyle breakfast

kanto freestyle breakfast
Happy Patty with happy people about to fill their tummies with happy food.


These discoveries and more made up for the long hours at work, and so long as I am enjoying food with my friends and teammates, I am definitely one happy gal *skipping and hopping to my next destination* 🙂


Directory to a happy tummy:

Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings
G/F City Golf Plaza, Doña Julia Vargas Ave. Ugong, Pasig
(02) 687-1250

Subspace Coffeehouse
Unit 103, G/F Emerald Tower, F Ortigas Jr Rd. Ugong, Pasig
(02) 655-7077

Argos Minibar
Citadel Inn 5007 P. Burgos St., Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 869-3416

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
1st Street Kapitolyo, Pasig


5 thoughts on “Happy Tummy = Happy Patty

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  2. Hi Patty.. I’ve been to Frankie’s once and because of your post.. I want to go back asap! Hehe! Anyway, since you’ve been to Kapitolyo, I highly recommend Silantro.. if youre in to Mexican food. Its along East Capitol Drive! Their Quesedilla’s the BEST! Ü

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