Eat and Run: Recovery Food and Energen Healthy Run (Manila Leg) 2014

I’ve been running two to three times a week to train for my upcoming *drum roll please* 21k run this October! I am really excited about this endeavor (naks, endeavor talaga) because I will be able to finally check it off of my bucket list this year. I’d be getting my first ever medal from a marathon, too! Yay!

Before finally deciding to join a 21k run, I had to know if I’d be able to complete 10k without much difficulty. I signed up for the Energen Healthy Run Manila Leg and of course chose 10k from the race categories. I did two 5k marathons early this year, so I thought I should be able to do 10k already.

The race was held in Bonifacio Global City on July 20 (late post, yes). By now memorize ko na yung street dun where all races are held, so we got there on time. LOL. Armed with a Gatorade bottle, 400ml of water, and lots of energy, we started running at 5am. I aimed to complete the race after an hour and a half, and I still feel successful despite falling short of the target. I completed my first 10k in one hour and 34 minutes (and a few seconds).

energen healthy run manila leg 2014
About to cross the finish line. Photo credits: Tara Trip Tayo 
energen healthy run manila leg 2014
The line for the loot bags a few meters from the finish line. Well organized, I must say.
energen healthy run manila leg 2014
Got my loot bag! Guess what’s inside? Lotsa Energen goodies! 🙂


I was really impressed with the organizers because the claiming of loot bags was systematic, with marshalls guiding the runners where to go after crossing the finish line. And there were cups of water available near the finish line as well, cold water! Yes. Even the raffle prizes were pretty interesting, as Energen gave away ten mountain bikes for lucky runners (still not one of them). I am looking forward to joining this run again next year – it was well-organized, the registration fee was less than 500php, the marshalls were friendly, oh and we ran on the Kalayaan flyover! It was a real treat!

energen healthy run manila leg 2014
Can’t be any prouder wearing my first 10k finisher shirt (mej oversized lang 
energen healthy run manila leg 2014
Conquered 10k! Yay!


Of course we had to load up on carbs after that tiring morning. We went straight to Recovery Food BGC and had a bowl of Tapa de Morning. No photos of the food – it went straight to my growling tummy. 🙂

Thanks, Energen for this awesome event. You made my first 10k run an unforgettable one.





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