Going Back and Moving Forward

It may sound crazy to want to go back to the year that was after spending two fun-filled days (not to mention food-filled) in 2016. But as I stare at my ceiling and reflect on what has transpired in 2015, I realize that I have indeed done a lot of “going back,” and this has resulted into 2015 being my most adventurous year as of yet.

I started my love affair with mountains in 2014, and this has continued on to 2015. I climbed six mountains, one of which was the highest peak in Luzon, Mt. Pulag via the Akiki trail. I almost cried as I watched the sunrise from the summit, in amazement of the sea of clouds and the rest of God’s creations. I also did two repeat climbs – Mt. Natib, this time including Pasukulan Falls and Tarak Ridge in Bataan. A little over a year has passed since I scaled these mountains, but a lot has changed in the terrain and of course, the view. I still didn’t get bitten by the limatiks though. 🙂

18592_10153118056306185_3925331602681843462_n 11010533_10153118059516185_1352197182019420430_n12308299_10153427696776185_6796087963909433023_n 11114751_10153024071536185_511009688654287959_n 10398685_10152817561471185_1042290544062638116_n 1528487_10152817597576185_6729837119608558966_n 10389348_10152814319576185_3681419581697560372_n


I also went back to one of my favorite countries, Malaysia. I explored Kota Kinabalu and its lovely islands and beaches at a time when I badly needed to clear my mind and get a new perspective on things. The many similarities between our culture and theirs is one of the reasons I came back, and of course their food and their malls!

11873466_10153218213256185_7346032518932444994_n 11889586_10153229197441185_8728688556197460019_n11902228_10153229221356185_2567472802219466750_n 11896208_10153229196056185_752711210821686918_n


In 2015, I have also gone back to my passion for teaching. I am a trainer by profession and after spending two fruitful years in Operations, I took a leap of faith, handed in my resignation without any concrete plans, traveled, rested for a month, and landed a job as a trainer for Camp Australia. Little did I know that this was just the start of big things, as I got promoted on my third month and was tasked to handle the training and quality team of the company.



I found myself going back to the running field as I completed two half marathons in 2015. I may not have beaten my 2014 PR, but I sure as hell felt so proud after completing the 21k run for Run United 1 and 2 without collapsing in the middle of the street (my legs were turning to jelly as I struggled halfway through the run). I am crossing my fingers that my 2016 schedule would allow me to complete all three 21k legs of my favorite marathon.



I thought that 2015 would be a difficult year for me because I faced some serious issues and had to make tough decisions, which meant leaving my comfort zone and even a few of my good friends behind. Yet it turned out to be one awesome year, and I couldn’t help but be amazed at how each experience transformed itself into another unforgettable page of my 2015 book. And oh, I have just made another milestone when I turned 30 last year, and despite most of my friends not being physically around to celebrate it with me, I enjoyed their birthday surprise.



It’s the start of another book, which means that we’ve just been given a new chance to make things right. I have written down my “little-things-that-make-big-differences” list and will definitely make sure to keep this list in mind each day:

  1. I will continue making my bed in the morning, no matter how sleepy I am.
  2. I will continue spending more time with my parents even if it means that I have to take them out for dinner at their restaurant of choice.
  3. I will make sure to check on my friends regularly, as most of them are already out of the country (thank you, Facebook and Viber!).
  4. I will hug my dogs everyday even if they have a goal in life to chew on all of my slippers.
  5. I will eat healthy and ditch soda and fries and chicharon (I’d have to TRY my best to not eat seaweed flavored Lays almost everyday though).
  6. I  will start reading the books I bought or received last year (nine books, I think) and will finish them all this year.
  7. I will wear my retainers every night (okay, and every morning before I start my shift).
  8. I will limit myself to buying only two bags this year (promise!!!), and reallocate the money to my travel funds instead.
  9. I will continue with my workout routine everyday (except you know, that time of the month).
  10. I will remind myself of those nine must do’s and push myself to stick to them for 365, or rather 366 days.


I have taken a step back and embraced some parts of my past, but it doesn’t mean that I’m stuck and not moving forward. Not a big fan of the “new year, new me” thing because we always carry with us a little something from our past experiences. Yet I have never been this ready to welcome 2016 and wait for its thrilling surprises and twists. Cheers to a new year! 🙂



Super Saturday at St. James the Great Christmas Bazaar 2014

I can’t help but feel excited that in 24 hours, it’s already December! This month is what almost everyone’s looking forward to because of Christmas, and according to that famous holiday song, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” It is, indeed. Everyone is in a jovial mood, despite the hellish traffic jams and huge crowds in malls and parties left and right.

What’s not to love about Christmas? It’s when most reunions happen, when those lovely gifts are given and received, and okay, I admit I’m using it as an excuse to do some shopping. Last year, I spent my hard-earned moolah in malls and in one of the bazaars in Makati. But this morning, my shopping buddy Maggie, together with her ever-supportive hubby Mike and sister Mai, brought me to the St. James the Great Christmas Bazaar in Ayala Alabang Village. Maggie has just left the company where we used to work together, so I’m really happy that we still got the chance to visit her favorite bazaar while talking about how being a stay-at-home-mom is going on for her.

Our mission earlier was to buy stuff that we don’t normally find or are more expensive in malls. So we skipped purchasing clothes and shoes and bags and were on the lookout for items that we’d usually see sold online in Instagram or Facebook. After about ten minutes of going around and checking the stalls, I was impressed with three things – the sellers are very friendly and they don’t hard sell (my pet peeve), most of the merchandise sold are really hard to find and are cheaper compared to mall prices, and it wasn’t super crowded for a bazaar with free entrance (maybe because we were there at 9am LOL).

St. James Bazaar ayala alabang

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars


I bet you’re wishing that you were there this morning, too! There were a lot of nice finds – from novelty items that you can give as gifts, to crafts and calligraphy tools, toys and kid’s apparel, make up, Christmas decors, home and kitchen ware, accessories, and even plants!

Chances are after shopping, you’d want to rest and munch on something. Not a concern for us because there are food concessionaires in the bazaar as well such as Potato Corner, Inengs BBQ, Pastor’s Gastro Pub, and Amicii, to name a few. Maggie, Mike, and myself grabbed a quick bite before exploring the stalls again.

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars


The preggy shopping buddy bought gifts for her godchildren and stuff for her kid, Lucas, as well as a few items for arts and crafts.

As for my loot, I was finally able to find a sturdy and inexpensive laptop bag from Husq that would look nice even if I’m wearing business casual or I’m dressed down at work. I also discovered a make up brand from Korea named Y.E.T, and I got their primer because it looks promising (and waaay cheaper than Benefit). I also found some colorful and unique accessories which I’m planning on giving out as gifts. Oh, I also got a pink Bobble water bottle which retails for about 700php in malls (Yey, I can finally stop buying mineral water at work). The best part is I got all these for less than 2,500php!

st. james christmas bazaar, ayala alabang village, bazaars


You can still catch the St. James Christmas Bazaar on their last day tomorrow, November 30. It’s in Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa, and it’s open from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

If you can’t make it, there are other Christmas bazaars that you can find in the metro. Mommy Maggie has listed them here. Enjoy your Christmas shopping! 🙂

Food, Friends, and Finish Lines

I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time, and I just realized on my way back home this afternoon how much I’ve missed writing. I’ve been quite busy with a lot of stuff – work of course, a week-long leave to travel and meet up with friends for my birthday last month, and *drum roll please* Hay Day. LOL. Seriously. Hay Day has been very helpful in making me feel relaxed after 12-hour shifts at work.

When I found out that I had to refresh my blog’s connection to Facebook, it finally hit me – it’s been ages since I last logged in on WordPress and posted something. And because I want to veer away from negativity (hey it’s Christmas in like three weeks), I’d like to share my top three stress busters despite my tight schedule, the daily strain from commuting and the horrible traffic, the unavoidable fact of life that we need to deal with obnoxious people, and the recent changes at work.


My close friends know that I looooooove to eat. I take the time to check out highly recommended or popular restaurants (but I have yet to convince myself to line up for a bowl of ramen in Ippudo) and see (or rather taste) for myself if they’re just all hype or if talagang pop na pop. My latest discoveries and favorites:

frankie's buffalo wings, frankies chicken wings
Frankie’s Buffalo Wings!! I know I have previously talked about this, so by now you should know how much I love their wings. My officemates and I have a bi-weekly pact to visit our favorite chicken wings place and get our fill of their Classic flavored buffalo wings plus a few beer bottles.
tim ho wan, baked pork buns
Tim Ho Wan, finally we meet! This Michelin 1-star restaurant that started off as a hole-in-the-wall eatery in Hongkong has established a name here in Manila and everyday, there’s a long queue of people waiting to get their hands on the famous baked pork buns. The other day we got lucky – my officemate and I fell in line for just about five minutes and were seated agad. I ate five pork buns! At least generous ako and I shared one piece. Never ever leave Tim Ho Wan without ordering their Mango Pomelo Sago for dessert.
the burger project, the brgr project, maginhawa street burger project
A recent discovery, like this afternoon lang. Haha! BRGR: The Burger Project in Maginhawa Street. Foodies are well aware how this street has turned into a food haven, and The Burger Project has made a name for itself by allowing diners to create and name their own burgers. My verdict – I love my BURGER PATTY! Syempre, love your own. 🙂



I am just thankful for my friends, especially those I’ve known for a long time, for being my constant source of happiness and strength. One group of friends that I will forever cherish would be my college friends. We’ve been through a lot, and when I say a lot kasama na dun ang tampuhan, months of not seeing each other, and the geographic issues (as in LDF – Long Distance Friendship because two of them are abroad for work and studies), but we’re still as close as ever. I had a great time with them during my birthday dinner, and the dinner was made even more fun because my friend who’s studying in Japan happened to be in Manila for a convention, kaya we were almost complete. We had a laughter-filled night full of bullying. Yes, friends talaga kami pero that’s how we show our love and affection for each other. And one event that we’re all excited about – my college best friend’s wedding this December! I’m the maid of horror honor!

With my college best friends (and their boyfriends) enjoying a night out in Eastwood.
With my college best friends (and their boyfriends) enjoying a night out in Eastwood.
You are missed, Nebee!
You are missed, Nebee!
With the student in Japan and the bride!
With the student in Japan and the bride!
Maid of honor duties! Can't wait to see you walk down the aisle, Ai!
Maid of honor duties! Can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle, Ai!



In life, there are literal and figurative finish lines. I’m glad to have finally reached a figurative finish line by cutting off ties with someone for good.

Another finish line that I reached is one that I wouldn’t mind seeing again. On October 5, I had my first 21k run after a series of 3k, 5k, and 10k marathons in the past few months.  I joined the Alaxan FR 21k division of the Run United Philippine Marathon 3 in SM Mall of Asia, together with thousands of runners and enthusiasts. The race was organized by RunRio, and like most of their marathons, it was fun, orderly, and well-managed. I loved how hands-on Coach Rio was during the event and how he encouraged the runners (myself included) to run the last few meters and dash to the finish line.

It was probably one of the most fulfilling (and tiring) achievements that I’ve had this year. After covering about 15kms and two hours into the race, I was starting to feel my legs tremble, so I had to alternate jogging – walking – jogging – sprinting – walking. It was exhausting, and I was so close to giving up but kept going and thinking of that coveted medal. After a little over three and a half hours and the finish line was a few steps from me, I badly wanted to tear up and give a high five to everyone as one of the usherettes handed me my first ever half-marathon medal. It was truly an unforgettable experience, something I’d like to do again really soon.

rupm 3, run united philippine marathon, runrio
Yay! Pawis at uhaw at pagod at haggard pero it was all worth it!
That Finisher Shirt!
That Finisher Shirt!
This medal deserves a spot next to my medals from college.
This medal deserves a spot next to my medals from college.
My running buddies na hindi makatawid ng maayos after the run!
My running buddies na hindi makatawid ng maayos after the run!
We were all super hungry but didn't have enough energy left to explore the restos in MOA. We ended up having lunch at Savory. Not complaining though, their chicken was still as tasty and juicy as I remember from the last time I ate there.
We were all super hungry but didn’t have enough energy left to explore the restos in MOA. We ended up having lunch at Savory. Not complaining though, their chicken was still as tasty and juicy as I remember from the last time I ate there.


Whenever I feel like life’s so unfair, or when I start spiraling down into that abyss of despair when things don’t go my way, I help myself get back on track by enumerating what makes me cheery and excited about the future. I know my friends and officemates have witnessed my sungit moments and stressed-ako-walang-kakausap-sakin days, but trust me, those moments will not last long. I always make sure that my thoughts and emotions are anchored onto something – like these three Fs – food, friends, and finish lines, and they’re enough to bring that smile back on my face. Have a fruitful weekend ahead!


Food, food, food directory:

Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings
G/F City Golf Plaza, Doña Julia Vargas Ave. Ugong, Pasig
(02) 687-1250

Tim Ho Wan
UG/F SM Megamall, Fashion Hall, Julia Vargas Ave cor EDSA, Wack Wack, Mandaluyong

BRGR: The Burger Project
122 Maginhawa St. Teacher’s Village – East, Quezon City
(02) 351-7474

UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2014 Results, Videos, and Pang-ookray

I think some people have been led to my previous post on the UAAP Cheerdance Competition last year by mistake when searching for this year’s results. So I thought I better post this year’s videos as well. 🙂

But before letting you watch the UAAP Cheerdance 2014 videos, allow me to congratulate the UP Pep Squad for another excellent routine that I think should’ve been awarded the first place. We didn’t bag the top spot that I’m sure each Isko and Iska wished for, but I am really proud of that amazing performance that gave me goosebumps. It’s not only because I came from UP, but I have never seen any other school do something bold like what the UP Pep Squad did (or has always done). The group knows for a fact that ADVOCACY is not part of the criteria for judging, but they showed through their theme of equality what they truly believe in, or if I may say, what all Iskolars ng Bayan believe in. So thank you, UP Pep Squad for making us proud every year. Go get ’em next year! 🙂

Without further ADIEU sabi ni Jessy Mendiola, here are the videos from the top three schools:

2014 UAAP CDC Champions: NU Pep Squad

Congratulations on your flawless routine! I admit, I was wishing for just one glaring error, but you guys executed your stunts well na parang ten years na kayong nagre-rehearse. You’ve come a long way from your performances na may kasamang gingerbread man. Dapat may 3-day sale sa SM dahil dito! Tanong lang: San ba talaga ang campus niyo?


First Runner Up: UP Pep Squad

Matatapang, matatalino, walang takot, kahit kanino! I’ll never forget that pyramid where the girls lifted the boys. If you could just see me while I was watching, nakanganga ako promise. And like I said on my FB post, your performance is just like me – almost perfect. LOL. (At nagda-diet ako ngayon dahil nainggit ako sa abs nung mga girls.)


Second Runner Up: UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe

It’s nice to see you back, Tigers! Mej corny lang yung tiger na parang nag-dragon dance. Pero sige na nga, it’s nice to see you back pa ren. You made my friends from UST really happy. Go USTE!


Kudos to the rest of the schools for their entertaining routines! Entertaining, oo sarcastic ako. Aabangan ko ang Ateneo next year baka sakaling hindi na sila mahilig mahulog na una ulo. Eto na din yung video kase alam kong macu-curious kayo.



Bonus videos – the group stunts of Adamson University and De La Salle University! Watch them ‘pag depressed kayo, ikakasaya niyo promise.


Adamson University – Sorry na, Ate, ‘Wag ka na magalit kay Kuya.


De La Salle University – ‘Yung totoo? Nag-vitamins ba kayo? Pagod ba kayo? Inaantok ka ‘te?


Hope you had fun! They all deserve a PLEYK (sabi ulit ni Jessy Mendiola), right? See you next year! 😀






Eat and Run: CBTL and World Vision Run 2014

I am starting to fall in love. With running, that is.

I joined my second marathon this year and took pride in running with 5,400 other participants at the World Vision Run 2014 on June 22. This is World Vision’s annual fundraising event held at the Bonifacio Global City, and the beneficiaries are some 8,000 children under their Child Sponsorship program. I opted to do the 5k run and promised myself that this would be my last 5k. Feelingera ako eh so I want to move up to 10k already.

Gun time for 5k was 5:10am, and this time I wasn’t late. LOL. I had a few minutes to spare to do warm up exercises and people-watch. Hehe. I gave myself a target – 45 minutes or better. I finished the whole stretch after 45 minutes and 19 seconds. More practice needed!

World vision run 2014, world vision, philippine marathons

World vision run 2014, world vision, philippine marathons
Baggage deposit and claiming was organized, so good job, RunRio!
World vision run 2014, world vision, philippine marathons, finish line
Zoom in to see me cross the finish line. 🙂
World vision run 2014, world vision, philippine marathons
Yay! After 45:19, a bottle of Gatorade, and buckets of sweat.
World vision run 2014, world vision, philippine marathons
Saw a former officemate from Yell Adworks, and syempre we had to have a photo taken!
World vision run 2014, world vision, philippine marathons, runrio
The mandatory finish line photo, where I was photobombed by the running guru, Coach Rio of RunRio.
World vision run 2014, world vision, philippine marathons
A marathon is never complete if there are no long lines for freebies and loot bags.
World vision run 2014, world vision, philippine marathons
And… A Zumba sesh to keep the energy level high and everyone entertained while waiting for the raffle draw and announcement of winners.
World vision run 2014, world vision, philippine marathons
Walang kapaguran!
World vision run 2014, world vision, philippine marathons
The much awaited announcement of podium finishers and the raffle draw. Argh. I’m never lucky pagdating sa mga raffle.

The marathon’s organizer, RunRio, did a good job in making it a successful and fun event. The claiming of loot bags wasn’t as orderly though, and the contents weren’t really pleasing. Sana bumili na lang ako ng Gatorade and mineral water from the grocery. Anyway, I hope that this year’s Sofitel Half Marathon which I plan on joining would be different and loot bag claiming more systematic and efficient.

Of course I was tired and starving after the 5k marathon. I don’t eat heavy breakfast before a run, just a can of coffee and a banana. I had to treat myself to a big breakfast at my favorite coffee shop, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at BHS.

World vision run 2014, coffee bean and tea leaf, quiche, chinese chicken salad
Breakfast of champions: Chinese Chicken Salad and Quiche

I guess this love for running has stemmed from my evolving appreciation for the outdoors and for physical activities. It has pushed me to take good care of myself and start aiming higher, may it be in the distance that I’ll cover or the mountain that I’ll scale. I just love the fact that I am devoting time and effort to something that is beneficial to my health, and the bonus is I get to do this while helping out others. Cheers to all the runners of the World Vision Run 2014 and hope to see you at the following marathons: Eco R3run for Sustainability, Sofitel Half Marathon, and Color Manila Nite Run in August!

Race results are available here: http://runrio.com/2014/06/world-vision-run-2014-results/

Eat and Run: Cafe 1771 and the AmCham Scholar Run 2014

Well, it should’ve been Run and Eat.

I did my first 5k run this year, 11th of May at the American Chamber of Commerce Scholar Run 2014 in BGC. I haven’t joined any marathons for the past year but what made me sign up for this run was the fact that the proceeds will be used by the AmCham Foundation Scholarship Program to send less fortunate kids to school.

I got my singlet a day prior to the run, but I was hesitating the night before because I was out late for a movie and dinner. I got home at around 2am, and I knew that I barely have time to sleep and re-energize. But as the alarm went off, I dragged myself out of bed and grabbed a cold can of coffee, resolving to finish the 5k run whatever happens. Na-late pa kami ng five minutes! I had to rush and wear the singlet on top of my tee, hastily attaching my race bib in front, and started running-walking-running while convincing myself that this is a good warm-up for my first major climb the following weekend.

I was surprised and pleased with myself for covering the distance in 40 minutes with only two hours of sleep. Yay! Hahaha. Sorry naman, I’m just really proud of myself because I was setting my own expectations, promising my matakaw self that I will order an extra cup of rice if I finish the run in an hour and a half. And yes I did that with my teammates after the run. LOL.

amcham scholar run 2014, amcham run for a scholar, 5k marathon
Run Patty, run! Photo courtesy of Tara RUNah




amcham scholar run 2014, amcham run for a scholar, 5k marathon

After a good run, of course I deserve a treat! It was my first time to try eating out at Cafe 1771 (formerly Chateau 1771) in El Pueblo, Ortigas. Funny because ilang tumbling lang ang work ko from the area. I have been to Sidebar though a number of times, but I never thought of dropping by Cafe 1771 which was right beside it.

We didn’t get the chance to check the lounge area which, from the outside, looks like an elegant library. We were seated in the area they call Whimsy, which is brightly lit with blue and white themed furniture. The desserts displayed at the counter all looked yummy and enticing! I loved the peaceful yet cheery vibe that I felt as I browsed through the menu and chose what to nomnom.


cafe 1771, cafe 1771 review, cafe 1771 el pueblo

We sampled their Fried Squash Flowers (Php280) for our appetizer, and believe me when I say that this dish was really delish! It was kind of weird at first, having to eat squash flowers with anchovies and kesong puti coated with light batter, but as I chewed slowly, it dawned on me how yummy and unique the dish was. I could finish one whole serving of this appetizer, at mabibitin pa ako! There was some red sauce at the bottom though I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be sweet or chili.

cafe 1771, cafe 1771 review, cafe 1771 el pueblo

And because the menu says that it’s Cafe 1771 Special, we ordered their Eggs Benedict – Classic with Homemade Ham. The dish didn’t disappoint as well, and I felt really full and satisfied as I finished the dish. I seriously am wondering what they put in the hollandaise sauce because it was really tasty.

cafe 1771, cafe 1771 review, cafe 1771 el pueblo

Despite having full tummies, we weren’t able to resist an offering of the Monroe Bread Pudding (Php250). It was luscious and not too sweet, and like the squash flowers I could’ve consumed one whole serving of this dessert by myself!

cafe 1771, cafe 1771 review, cafe 1771 el pueblo, bread pudding

Because I had such an energizing morning at the Scholar Run and a filling lunch at Cafe 1771, my sore legs didn’t bother me that much (and my tummy still had space for a bowl of Ikkorya Fukuoka Ramen that night).

If you’re interested to be a part of the AmCham Scholarship Foundation Program and their other events, check out their website: www.amchamfoundation.com

Cafe 1771 is located in El Pueblo Real de Manila, Dona Julia Vargas Ave. Pasig City.

PAWS Shelter Feeding Program

My love for our four-legged furry friends is never confined within our home where we have four adorable dogs and a lovely Siamese cat. That’s why I have always wanted to visit the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) and volunteer there by feeding the dogs. I got my chance to fulfill that when my fellow dog lover and friend Cindy arranged a visit for us at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) in Aurora Blvd., Loyola Heights, Quezon City one Saturday, as an extended celebration of her birthday in February.

We went grocery shopping for: 15 kgs. ground pork/sawdust, 3 1/2 kgs. of rice, 2 big basins, 2 long handled ladles, and garbage bags. We headed over to the apartment of Cindy’s officemate and started preparing the dogs’ food by boiling the ground pork, cooking rice, and mixing them in the basins. We were running late already, and with the longganisa smell from the sawdust seeping through our clothes and clinging on to our hair after 30 minutes of stirring and mixing in the kitchen, we hailed a cab going to PARC. Never mind the irritating cab driver who kept complaining about the traffic – we were doing this for the dogs who were abused, distressed, or abandoned but still deserve to be taken care of.

PAWS, shelter feeding program
PAWS is an NGO that was founded in 1954.
Paws shelter feeding program
There are more cats than dogs in PAWS because cats reproduce faster (but in PAWS, they make sure to spay/neuter the animals to avoid this).
Paws, shelter feeding program
PARC is located in Aurora Blvd., and is temporarily operating in a piece of land owned by Meralco.
Paws, shelter feeding program
Cindy and I went with officemates Mike and Art.

One of the volunteers welcomed us, and we were eventually escorted to the area where the dogs are. There is a quarantine where dogs that just got in the shelter are kept for about two weeks or more for observation and for any existing conditions or sicknesses to be treated.

Paws shelter feeding program
One of the caretakers dividing the food among the dogs in the quarantine area.
Paws shelter feeding program
Cute dogs left by their owners. Good thing we have PAWS to take care of them.
Paws shelter feeding program
These two dogs looked really afraid whenever someone approaches. Crossing my fingers that they will soon recover.
Paws shelter feeding program
This dog is also named Patty. 🙂
Paws shelter feeding program
Kitty friends of different colors waiting for good hearted humans to adopt them. Adopt one now!
Paws shelter feeding program
This picture of cats taking a peek at the other side is so adorable!

We also got a tour/briefing with another volunteer, and he explained to us the requirements that should be met before a dog or cat could be adopted. We also got to meet their Humane Education Program Director Anna Cabrera who thanked us for feeding the dogs and who asked us to invite our friends to come over. She also reminded us that if we ever come back, the shelter needs old newspapers badly because they don’t let the cats sleep on the cold floor.

It was one of the most heartwarming and fulfilling experiences I’ve had this year, and I will definitely come back to visit and feed the dogs (and this time the cats) again.
If you want to reach out and be an angel to our canine and feline buddies, visit the PAWS website or contact them at 475-1688. Your help will be greatly appreciated by the organization and will surely make the tails of our furry friends wag with gratitude.